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Latest Dunlop Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    Korey in NE

    Good product

    Felt a little unsure at first but quickly got comfortable on them, several thousand miles on and off road still holding strong.

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  • Dunlop Geomax AT81 Tire

    Tim in MI

    Not disappointed

    So far great grip in Michigan long wear so far also will buy again

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  • Dunlop Geomax AT81 RC Tire

    JEFF in NY

    Great Rear Tire

    This is my new go-to rear for the type of riding I do.

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  • Dunlop D803GP Trials Tire

    Matthew in PA

    Great all around trial tire!

    Great trials tires for the money. Not as good as the Michelins but they are way to expensive for the extra performance. I've purchased 8 of these tires so far and they are 100% worth the money.

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  • Dunlop Elite 4 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Gary in MS

    Dunlop Elite 4 fits my riding style.

    l've run several different brands of motorcycle tires. I ran Elite 3s on a Goldwing 1500 (GL1500) but i didn't like the hum/buzz that feathering on the tread caused. I bought a used Goldwing 1800 (GL1800) as was able to use the Dunlop Elite 4s. I liked them. My riding buddy likes Bridgestones. So, the next set of tires I bought was the Bridgestone G709/704 with a discount coupon. They were ok but they also developed a hum/buzz. Now I do keep a close eye on tire pressure...before every ride tire pressure is adjusted to recommended pressure by Honda. I wore out the Bridgestones what seemed a bit too fast. The center part was below the wear bars and the side tread was still very good. So I changed and went back to the Dunlop Elite 4. When the center part was worn to the wear bars the sides were worn to the wear bars. So, for my type of riding, the Dunlop Elite 4 is the tire for me.

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  • Dunlop Elite 4 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Robert in CA


    I have been using Dunlop e3 and e4 tires my last 5 sets and they just get better every time I got a nail in my rear tire and did not even know til i stopped i ride hard and still get 12000 miles on my 1800 wing

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