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Latest Dunlop Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Dunlop D605 Rear Dual Sport Tire

    jeffrey in ME

    Inexpensive 50/50 tire good performance

    Great tire for the money. Rides smoothly on pavement. Hooks up nicely on gravel roads and doubletrack.

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  • Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    Tyler in MA

    Absolutely amazing tire

    Absolutely amazing tires by far one of my best purchases I’ve made for my bike I ride a 500 excf and do quite a bite or pavement riding and for a 45 at a time sometimes and then will do crazy hills and mud the next and these tires always perform amazing couldn’t be happier for a 90/10 tire and the last exceptionally long put over 500 miles on this pair and still PLENTY of tread left

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  • Dunlop MX33 Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Jordan in CA

    Not the best bang for your buck

    Although I would love to give this tire 5 stars. I can not. The tire is great on a well maintained track. If you are a desert rider or trail rider steer clear. It looks awesome, pricing is fair but ultimately tire does not have any longevity. Unless you enjoy blowing money and tire levers are your best friend feel free. After only one ride at Glen Helen and another in the desert the tire looks to be worn as if I have several hours on it. Good luck and be safe out there

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  • Dunlop Geomax AT81EX Tire

    Wayne in CO

    Best hard enduro tire

    Best tire I've ever ridden. Great in all conditions. Amazing traction when you use a soft mousse with the tire.

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  • Dunlop MX53 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain Tire

    Jeff in CA

    Dunlop MX53 tire

    Long wearing and handles well on Medium to hard terrain.

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  • Dunlop D404 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Tom in UT

    Love the Dunlop D404 rear tire

    The thing to know about this tire is it's softer for better grip and traction which is the main thing I want in a street bike tire so of course it wears faster than a harder tire, but I would rather have the extra safety myself,I have used this same tire over and over for most of the 15 years I have had my Suzuki Intruder street bike,I typically get about 3 years out of a tire and they wear very evenly,I have found the perfect pressure to get the best tread wear out of them is 23 PSI front and back,I ride a lot in the summer and do a lot of road trips to national parks so I definitely get my moneys worth out of them.

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