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  • Dunlop Geomax AT81 Tire

    Dunlop Geomax AT81 Tire

    kirtus in NV

    One of the worst front tires I've ever ran.

    The rear was decent but the front was hands down the worst tire I have ever ran. It would slide out everywhere and to boot 4 rides in more than half the side knobs had ripped off. I definitely do not reccomend the front!

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  • Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    James in IL

    Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    I love these tires on a dual sport bike. The tread doesn't last forever riding on the road and it makes some noise. The off road capability is great. It preforms like a true off road tire and if you do mostly off road in the mid-west in dirt mud and rocks it works great. The on road is a little noisy and its not a corner cutting tire. I have used these tires on a CRF250L, CRF450L and a DR650 and XR650 they are a terror on the trails.

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  • Dunlop MX33 Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Dunlop MX33 Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Tom in WI

    Great look good grip

    Just got these put on, very little time on them yet but they look great and good grip.

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  • Dunlop MX3S Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Dunlop MX3S Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Ernie in MA

    Woods riding tires

    It's a great tire.i recently purchased the tire because it's bad weather here in the northeast east with lots of rain and leaves all over the ground. So I needed some good bite on my rear tire because of the rocks being wet and slippery and the same with the leaves. The tire grips the hard ground great and sticks in corners

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  • Dunlop K990 Vintage Tire

    Dunlop K990 Vintage Tire

    Cody in TX

    Perfect for a vintage bike with narrow swingarm

    I got this tire for a vintage restoration project. Most modern tires would rub the chain, down pipe or swing arm. This one was a perfect fit without having to chop off knobs.

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  • Dunlop Geomax AT81EX Tire

    Dunlop Geomax AT81EX Tire

    Joseph in NV

    Best Gummy in USA

    Absolutely love this tire. By far the best gummy I have run. This has nice big knobs but still the lightest gummy I have weighed. Don’t be fooled by the size either (110/100) it is fat, and takes the 305 nitro. Knobs wear and do not rip off. Worth paying little extra for a true gummy that lasts longer than one race!

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