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  • Dunlop MX33 Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Dunlop MX33 Geomax Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Jeffrey in CA

    Knobs crack

    Great traction. Noticed some knobs cracking and breaking off. I thought Dunlop fixed this problem.

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  • Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

    Joseph in MI

    D606 Rear is good. Front let’s go too easy off road

    I put a matching set of D606 tires on my XR650L. First of all, I’m a dirt rider. I only ride roads to get to trails. I ride in Michigan on mostly packed black dirt or loose sand. The rear seems fine. It spins a lot on the gas but it’s predictable and drives ahead well. I pulled the front off after my first trip and tossed it in the corner. I might even give it away. On hard dirt roads in corners the front would start to slip just a bit and then let go completely. In the sandy Michigan trails it would start to slip during corner entry as you apply pressure on the bars and then let go causing front over steer and a plowing action. Not good. I put 150mi of trail and dirt road on it. I switched my front to a Shinko MX215 90/90 and it was way better on road and off road. 800 miles later after completing the Mccct trail the shinko was looking good still along with my rear d606. I recommend that combo but will never buy a front d606 again. It may be ok for the occasional dirt guys looking for a knobby to use on fire roads but I don’t recommend it. Not even for dirt roads. There are better options.

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  • Dunlop MX11 Geomax Sand/Mud Tire

    Dunlop MX11 Geomax Sand/Mud Tire

    JON in IN

    Definitely a cheater tire in the mud and soft conditions. I run the front on 80% of my XC races until the tracks get really tried out. The front has awesome grip in the soft dirt and still gets good grip on the harder packed dirt they just wear fast on the harder packed soil. Now let’s get to the rear tire. In the super soft to soft soil they are the perfect cheater tire until you get to off camber stuff. There’s just not much side bite to this tire. So you really have to feather the throttle and not put as much power down or they slip out big time. As long as you can square up to a hill climb these things will really bite into the soil. And they don’t fall off much when it starts to dry out during a race. But being a soft compound they will wear fast on harder packed soil. I have a set of extra rims with these mounted up on them in the event of a rainy muddy race. And being the first 6 races were mud races these tires saw a lot of action this year.

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  • Dunlop Geomax AT81 Tire

    Dunlop Geomax AT81 Tire

    JON in IN

    The AT 81 I run them on both of my bikes 15 YZ250FX and my 15 KTM 300 XC. I race a couple of different series here in Indiana and for me this is the tire. I know lots of guys like the super soft tires they have to replace every two races , I’m not one of them. I’ll race with one set of tires for the whole year. With our racing series we race all over the state and there’s not one track that has the same soil throughout the whole 9 mile course , we run in the creeks with rocky bottoms , we run in sand we run in super soft dirt as well as hard pack. And for me this one tire handles all those different types of terrain the best.

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  • Dunlop D803GP Trials Tire

    Dunlop D803GP Trials Tire

    Erik in NV

    Good tires for a noob trials rider

    No complaints from a new trials rider on a 2017 GasGas 250. The rear is getting a little chewed up by rocky terrain. I have more traction loss from the front, pushing in dry dirt and sand when making tight turns. The rear generally hooks up everywhere and rarely spins.

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  • Dunlop American Elite Front Motorcycle Tire

    Dunlop American Elite Front Motorcycle Tire

    Chuck in TX

    Great Tires

    I love the combination of duro with these tires. I get right at 17,000 miles out of the rear tire and still feel comfortable laying it into the corners. Good wet weather traction as well.

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