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Latest EBC Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    Gayle in KY


    Good stopping brakes! Time will tell how long they last.

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Double H

    Peter in CA

    Great pads, good lifetime

    Can't go wrong with these. Fit as good as stock, great longevity

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  • EBC CX Extreme Rotor, Rear

    Wyatt in OH


    Where do I start....i have nothing good to say about these rotors. I installed the rear on my KTM 250xc. The factory rotors are 3.0mm thick, these are 3.5mm thick but keep the same offset so the rotor does not set centered in the caliper. I had to pull some fluid out of the master cylinder to keep the brake from dragging. Installed a brand new set of EBC R pads and went for a test ride. On a 4 mile loop the brakes got extremely hot and squealed horrendously. I doubled checked to make sure the brakes were not dragging and they were not. The rotor got so hot it turned slightly blue. The was my normal test loop on a 75 deg day, it should have been a cake walk for rotors called "extreme". I was able to stop the brake squeal by adding a dab of grease to the back of the pads, something i normally only do to automotive brakes. In 25 years of riding i have never had a set of brakes perform so poorly on a dirt bike. This rotor is a total waste of money. The tusk rotors perform better, which is pretty sad to say the least. This is the last EBC rotor I ever buy.

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  • EBC Clutch Spring Set

    Enrico in NB


    Definitely stiffer then stock but way worth it on track! No slipping and great engagement.

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  • EBC Brake Rotor, Rear

    Brad in CA

    EBC Brake Rotor

    Works good, great stopping power! Would definitely buy another for another motorcycle

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  • EBC Contoured Brake Rotor, Front

    Mark in OR

    EBC always meets my needs.

    EBC always performs and was an easy choice for this Old Guy. Quality and Value when it comes time for me to stop my bike. Braking is not a time for me to go cheap on quality and performance.

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