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Latest Fasst Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Joshua in PA

    I cannot tell a single difference between these and...

    **I BOUGHT THESE FROM THE MANUFACTURER DIRECTLY, NOT RM.** I bought these specifically to reduce fatigue and arm-pump, and they have honestly not helped with either. I have about 10 hours on them so maybe my opinion could change but I cannot feel any sort of give or shock absorption in these handlebars. I have tried all of the polymers and am currently running the softest possible polymers with only 2 threads showing instead of 3 on the adjustment nut to give it more give and even STILL I think these bars have an extremely harsh feel to them. They feel absolutely no different then the stock 1 1/8" renthal bars that came on my 2013 KTM300XC. I wanted to like these bars so much because of how harshly I suffer from arm-pump (it's my fault because I took a 4 year hiatus from riding) but I even bought the anti-vibration inserts and I notice the SLIGHTEST decrease in vibration with the combo of the 2 products, overall its still very prevalent. Like I said before, I've tried every combo of the polymers and I actually can't tell a difference between any of them. They all feel the exact same. I had 1.5 hours on the stiff ones, 1.5 hours on the medium compound, and currently have 7 hours on the soft ones. They don't feel worse then the stock handlebars, but for over $500 spent on the setup, I should be able to say a little more then "it's not worse". HUGE disappointment.

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  • Fasst Impact Adventure Pegs

    Jim in OH

    Expensive but WORTH it! 2019 KTM 1290 SAR

    These pegs fit great, look great, and provide a much larger platform for your feet. I wear a size 14 boot so 3/4 of my foot hung off the sides of the stock pegs and felt unstable when I stand. NOT with the pegs. VERY stable feeling, great traction, and the polymer definitely reduces vibration at highway speeds. Although it's not a reduction of vibration over the stock peg with rubber insert. They come with new springs AND new cotter pins. Takes longer to remove your old pegs than it does to install these.

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  • Fasst Rear Brake Return Spring Kit

    Brandon in MA

    Much better feel

    I replaced the old spring on my bike with these and the feel is much better. These combined with the new brake lever give it 100% better feel.

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  • Fasst Rear Brake Clevis

    Justin in MO

    Not very impressed.

    The fit was way too tight on my '14 Beta 300rr. The pin has no clearance in the clevis or pedal (which I get is the idea), but it was binding on the stock pedal, so I had to lightly grind and drill out the pedal just slightly to get it to fit right.

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  • Fasst Spoke Wrench Head

    Jeff in MI

    Fasst spoke wrench

    Love this spoke wrench and the available sized tips.

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  • Fasst Flexx Handlebar Replacement Crossbars

    scott in AZ

    Works with my stabilizer

    These enabled me to run the Flexx bar with my Scott's stabilizer. Just remember you need to purchase the pad specifically for these crossbars. I unfortunately forgot and had to run the pad for the straight cross bars. It does not look as good.

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