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Latest Fasst Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Tyrone in WA

    Most comfortable bar out there. Worth every penny.

    Expensive compared to my other favorite bar, Pro Taper EVO, but worth every dollar if you have wrist or arm injuries. At my advanced age, I suffer from tendonitis in both elbows and my left wrist. My Pro Tapers just did not have the give on hard landings and would cause my hands to go numb after about 4 laps. The Flexx bar has customizable cushioning and have eliminated discomfort and hands going numb. I ended up with the red rebound and yellow compression bumpers with three threads showing on adjuster for the optimal flex for me. I will never ride MX again with out these.

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  • Fasst Impact Moto Pegs

    John in NJ


    I bought these to help reduce vibration and fatigue. Raced Beehive Enduro on Sunday and they worked great. Fasst Co makes high quality products that work!

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  • Fasst Flexx Crossbar Pad

    Brent in KY

    Great American made product!

    Great American made product! Fits perfect, looks awesome and serves it's intended purpose!

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  • Fasst Rear Brake Clevis

    Eric in NH

    Perfect upgrade

    Huge improvement over stock. I highly recommend the Fasst Clevis and rear carbon EBC pads. The rear brake went from a bunch of creep then unpredictable full locked rear with no in between stock. To zero creep, very progressive and predictable braking in the rear

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  • Fasst Spoke Torque Wrench

    Norm in CA

    Great tool

    My KTM 2004 Hard Equipment catalog has this wrench in it. I had always wondered how to get spoke tension even. The KTM owner's manual simply says to strike each spoke with a screwdriver and listen to the tone. That always struck me as pretty crude if the goal is the strongest most stable wheel. In practice, I found several loose spokes on each wheel that the tone-test would not have detected. I torque everything else on the I have the spokes right too. Great tool.

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  • Fasst Flexx Handlebar Replacement Rebound Elastomer Kit

    Koby in OR

    Good replacement

    Works good easily replaced the old ones. Bolt was a little long though.

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