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  • Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Ion Battery

    Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Ion Battery

    Fredrick in FL

    nice button on top that shows how much juice it has...

    But on the KTM 500EXC it is precisly under the clamp that holds battery in place, i resolved this by cutting out a square where it is. Maybe it did maybe it didnt but i felt like it was pressing the button down the whole time

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  • Fire Power Replacement Brake Light

    Fire Power Replacement Brake Light

    Joseph in MI

    Much heavier than Oem honda

    This light has a steel plate inside and is much heavier than oem honda xr type lights. I bought it to use on my XR650L. I wanted to go to a xr600r type light. This light will mount fine but it is quite heavy due to the steel plate inside it. The oem parts from a 600r are much lighter and the harness fits into the fender much better for almost the same cost. If you are using this for a xr just buy oem. Also, Mine was ordered as a “fire power” but was delivered in a wps brand box.

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  • Fire Power Universal Brake/Taillight

    Fire Power Universal Brake/Taillight

    Kennith in KY

    Ok first the pros: cheap, looks good, direct fit for replacing your XR650L monstrosity of a taillight. Cons: the lens rattled off on the first one I put on, the bulb socket can't handle the added weight of an LED bulb, hardware is very low quality. Overall it's what you get for a $13 taillight. Would gladly pay triple that if it were of decent quality.

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