Fire Power Parts & Accessories

Fire Power Parts & Accessories

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  • Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Ion Battery

    Fire Power Featherweight Lithium Ion Battery

    bain in AL

    lead sucks

    don't buy lead. buy this. it even has a little button to tell you how charged it is. and it's lighter. and it lasts longer. and your bike will start faster. and lead sucks.

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  • Fire Power Replacement Brake Light

    Fire Power Replacement Brake Light

    Joseph in MI

    Much heavier than Oem honda

    This light has a steel plate inside and is much heavier than oem honda xr type lights. I bought it to use on my XR650L. I wanted to go to a xr600r type light. This light will mount fine but it is quite heavy due to the steel plate inside it. The oem parts from a 600r are much lighter and the harness fits into the fender much better for almost the same cost. If you are using this for a xr just buy oem. Also, Mine was ordered as a “fire power” but was delivered in a wps brand box.

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  • Fire Power Universal Brake/Taillight

    Fire Power Universal Brake/Taillight

    Kennith in KY

    Ok first the pros: cheap, looks good, direct fit for replacing your XR650L monstrosity of a taillight. Cons: the lens rattled off on the first one I put on, the bulb socket can't handle the added weight of an LED bulb, hardware is very low quality. Overall it's what you get for a $13 taillight. Would gladly pay triple that if it were of decent quality.

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