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Latest Gerbing Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Gerbing Battery Harness

    Gerbing Battery Harness

    Andrew in CO

    Just what I needed

    My gerbing heat controller came with one of these, but I destroyed it by accidentally kicking into the rear wheel while riding. Got me warm again.

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  • Gerbing EX Pro Heated Pants

    Gerbing EX Pro Heated Pants

    Andrew in CO

    Good value, runs small

    With the Gerbing heated pant liners selling for $199, it's a no-brainer to buy this pant with the removable heated liner for only $50 more. The pants themselves are very good quality, robust materials around the knees and leather inside the leg for exhaust protection. Waist is adjustable. Stretch materials in the upper rear part of the pant and in the knee area. The pants come with two separate removable liners. The heated liner (which also has some insulation) and a nylon-like liner for extra wind and rain protection. You can run any both liners or just one (or the other)-any combination will work. Very versatile. I plan on running these pants in all seasons. As for the heated liner, It's one of those things when you try it, you ask yourself why you didn't get it sooner. I've had a Gerbing jacket liner for a while and the pants are a welcome addition. Keep in mind you will need a heat controller to run these pants. I run a dual zone heat controller so I can have separate heat settings on the jacket and the pant. On my maiden ride with temps in the 30's, I had my jacket liner on 100%, but I didn't need the pants any higher then 50% I have only two complaints about this pant: 1. The thigh vents will allow air in even when closed. This was an issue in the very cold weather I was riding in. It would let in the cold air and direct it right at the crotch. With a little adhesive velcro, you can solve this issue. Or even better, have a small section of zipper sewn on. 2. The fit is a little strange. I have short 29" inseam and a 32" waist. I ordered the medium and the legs are a little too long, but the waist which was advertised for 30-36" was just the right size at it's loosest setting. I really don't think I would fit a smaller size. As for the legs being a little too long, It wouldn't make a difference if I could fit a smaller pant size, because the length is the same for S and M. The pants will definitely be a little loose when the liner is removed, but that is to be expected Moral of the story, Order a size larger then you think you will need. Overall, for the price and features, I really like this pant and would recommend it. However don't expect a perfect it.

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  • Gerbing Panel Mount

    Gerbing Panel Mount

    F. ROBERT in NY

    The solution to my problem was these

    Who wants wires dangling? My heated gear included a battery hookup that resulted in a dangling connection wire for my jacket. Then I bought heated pants. Great, except that the pants connection was on the right side and the jacket connection was on the left. My solution was to install one of these panel mount power connectors on each side of the bike, and use a short, coiled cord to connect each item.

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