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Hot Cams

Latest Hot Cams Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Hot Cams Camshaft (Intake) Stage 1

    Jaron in UT

    Brap brap

    I can't speak to other bikes but the 2011 KTM 350sxf is a huge difference on the low end. Mid is much better to but low end is quite noticeable. The bike breaths so much more it's crazy. Good stuff.

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  • Hot Cams Camshaft (Intake) Stage 2

    Steven in KY

    Pulls sooo much harder

    Really noticed a huge improvement! Works really well with a higher compression build, I was initially going to stick with stock camshafts, but I am glad, extremely glad I chose to throw a little bit more $ in the build and the seat of the pants justifies it. On the initial ride I was expecting the cam to fall off, or quit pulling by a certain RPM, but it seemed to do just the opposite and pull even harder than I expected. I assume these would work out good with stock bore and compression as well, but a lil overbore and a dab of compression really seemed to bring these bump sticks alive. Cant go wrong with these in my opinion.

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  • Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    Jason in TN

    Great set of shims

    Great set of valve shims. Has a variety of sizes to get you valves in spec. Great deal

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  • Hot Cams Camshaft (Stage 3)

    MIKE in UT

    Hot Cams are the perfect add on.

    Hot cams are the perfect add on for performance. If you have a standard bore stage 1 and stage 2 cams are perfect. If you have a big bore kit I would go with a stage 3 cam and re jet the carb or if injected reprogram fuel system and if possible go with bigger injector. Great product Thanks, Mike

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  • Hot Cams Cam Chain

    MIKE in UT

    Great chain and great price.

    If you have your bike tore down I recommend changing the timing chain while you are putting new performance parts on your ride.It is not fun to do the work twice. Hot cams chains are quality and a good price. Thanks Mike

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  • Hot Cams Camshaft (Stage 2)

    Tony in IN

    Delivery, ordering

    Havent been able to use yet but after it gets installed then break in time. Ill leave another review when i get a chance. Came quick and on time.

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