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Latest IMS Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • IMS Fuel Tank

    Chris in SC

    Easy To Install

    Love the idea of having 33% more fuel. I purchased the black tank. I think it will work well. The finish on the outside is dull and had a lot of blemishes . I used some 600 grit sand paper on it before it was installed and shot it with some gloss black paint. Not a big deal but it looks much better. The vent hose is too small / short and need to be replaced.

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  • IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs

    Steve in BC

    Install notes for 2021 DRZ400s

    This is an installation review, not having ridden on the new pegs yet. Replaced stock foot-pegs on 2021 DRZ400s with IMS Pro Series and I thought I'd share some of the experience. 1) Shifter side there's plenty of space to operate but on the brake side you gotta remove the rear brake pedal bolt to get the brake lever out of the way otherwise you can?t remove the foot-peg pin...there?s a small cotter pin on backside of brake pedal bolt that?s gotta come out first 2) remove the cotter pin from the foot-peg pin 3) foot-peg spring has a lot of resistance so either use a zip tie to lasso the hook or create a lever using two screwdrivers to move the hook off for removal and again for reinstall 4) to reinstall the hook, first maneuver it to a position behind foot-peg and then lasso or use lever setup to get it into the slot on top of the pedal 5) put the small washer back on foot-peg pin and then reinstall cotter pin 6) re-tighten rear brake pedal bolt to 21 lb-ft (spec I found online but not definitive) and reinstall small cotter pin on the back 7) rinse and repeat on the shifter side but without any space invading components that need to be moved

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  • IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    Adam in OR

    Get them! You will love them.

    I love these things. So much better than what came on them stock. Nice sharp teeth my feet stay put even when they are full of mud. I would buy these again.

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  • IMS Rally Foot Pegs

    JASON in UT


    Where have these pegs been in my life??? These pegs are absolutely amazing! Wide and long standing surface helps alleviate pressure in your foot making a comfortable ride. Great bite on the sole of the boot so your feet don?t slip. They do look a little funny, because they are so long and wide, but wait till you ride with them! Definitely worth the price!

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  • IMS Flightline Folding Shift Lever

    paul in MI

    The way it should be

    Prior to installing lowered pegs, I installed the INS folding shift lever and what a fantastic difference. No second thoughts about comfortable effective foot placement, no more missed shifts. Size 13 wide boots. It's a problem solver that really makes a difference if you don't plan on lowering the pegs. Lowering the pegs? The oem shifter will be the one you'll use.

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  • IMS Adventure II Foot Pegs

    Angelo in NY

    Should be #1 mod for the Africa Twin

    This should be the very first thing you buy if you have an Africa Twin. Great platform and comfortable, heavy duty. Only downside it off road, they catch if you get too close to rocks or stumps. Maybe I was a bit too far, but I have scrubbed these on the blacktop on a heavy lean angle. Wish Honda put these in from the factory.

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