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IMS Parts & Accessories

IMS Foot Controls

IMS Adventure II Foot Pegs$245.00
Rated 3.80 out of five stars.★★★⯪☆
IMS Flightline Folding Shift Lever$51.95
Rated 4.46 out of five stars.★★★★☆
IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs$113.00
Rated 4.77 out of five stars.★★★★⯪
IMS Rally Foot Pegs$219.00
Rated 4.64 out of five stars.★★★★⯪
IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs$99.95
Rated 4.57 out of five stars.★★★★⯪

IMS Cooling Systems

IMS Coolant Recovery Tank$124.00
Rated 3.38 out of five stars.★★★☆☆

IMS Fuel Cans/Utility Jugs

IMS Dry Break Dump Can with Probe and Stand$764.95
Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★
IMS Dry Break Probe$500.00

IMS Fuel Tanks

IMS Fuel Tank$330.95 – $648.40
Rated 4.36 out of five stars.★★★★☆
IMS Replacement Vented Gas Cap$16.45
Rated 4.76 out of five stars.★★★★⯪

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  • IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    DION in ID

    Awesome product

    So much better than stock. Way more grip and they look awesome. Great price too!

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  • IMS Replacement Vented Gas Cap

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    David in NJ

    Great Replacement for Old Leaking IMS Fuel Caps!

    This cap is a great replacement for the old "square profile" IMS caps that have a rubber gasket. Modern gasoline additives eat away at the old rubber gasket, but the new caps use viton rubber that is resistant to gasoline deterioration. I replaced the cap on my IMS Dry Break Dump Can, and also on my vintage KTM 98' 300 MXC with the IMS Dry Break Trail Ride Adapter (now called the "screw cap adapter"). When screwing on the cap, it feels as though it's not going to fit as there is some resistance... But that's just the viton rubber that seals the cap from leaking. I confirmed with IMS via email that this is the proper replacement for the old caps I had.

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  • IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    Gary in CO

    Fits my 08 Honda CRF230L

    Great pegs! They also fit on the 2008,09 Honda CRF230L!

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  • IMS Rally Foot Pegs

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    kent in AZ

    Make it your first upgrade

    Great product. Shipping was fast. Should have done this upgrade a long time ago.

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  • IMS Fuel Tank

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    Mark in MD

    Great tank. Nice to see how much fuel I have and l...

    DR-Z400S. I've seen a few videos of people pushing and pyring the tank forward to get the bolts to line up, and I initially thought this was normal so I first installed mine the same way. Just didn't seem right though to require this much forward force, so I started looking for points of contact. On mine, I found two key spots that were causing issues. One was the wiring on the back of the radiator fan on the clutch side and the other was the way the radiator overflow hose was routed along the frame on the other. Both are easy fixes. On the radiator fan, just unwrap the wiring from the tank side of the fan, and hold it at the end of the clamp and wind it back down toward the fan so it is secured just on the inside of the fan. The radiator overflow hose simply needed rerouted under the clutch cable to the bottom of the frame. (Probably prevented a disaster by discovering this one). It will still require a little forward and downward force mostly on the clutch side to get the radiator bolt lined up, but not much.

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  • IMS Coolant Recovery Tank

    Rated 4.00 out of five stars.★★★★☆

    Scott in WA

    Good product, just more work than expected

    Product works well. I would give a 5 star review for how well it works. The only reason I would give it less stars is because the install was more involved than I was thinking it was gonna be. I was under the impression that it would slide into the frame and reroute a couple hoses and a bolt or two. You have to pull the tank, drill a hole in your frame, pull your exhaust/exhaust flange, and remove your skid plate before starting.

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