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  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner

    Kevin in ON

    JD power surge

    I wanted the vortex but because of price I got this instead. wow what a difference. I had a 2017 KTM EXCF450 six days. Because of emissions, the bike was terrible, bogged down, felt like I was on a TTR230. Once I put this in and a couple of mods. This bike felt amazing. I wanted to ride it every day like a dirt bike. You can change the settings and make It aggressive. It was fairly easy to install, good instructions. Never had any issues with it. Plug and play.

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  • JD Jetting Jet Kit

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    Kevin in UT

    Pretty good

    Easy installation and easy instructions to follow. It made my bike run a lot better. 4 stars because it's still a tad rich. But I would recommend because it's a lot cheaper than a lectron and has close to the same results.

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  • JD Jetting Jet Kit (No CA)

    JD Jetting Jet Kit (No CA)

    Edward Eric in CO

    Good kit for a 2001 DRZ400 with the FCR Slant Carb

    Overall a good jetting kit. Fixed the issue of my bike not revving well. The pilot jet that came with the kit (#45) is too small for my setup, possibly my carb is worn and leaking a little air. I upgraded to a #50 pilot jet and it seems better now. Really needs a remote air mixture screw as this bike is not accessible to adjust when on the bike without really rotating the carb. The pilot jet is not accessible from the bottom without removing the float bowl, easier to just remove the whole carb.

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  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner (NO CA)

    JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner (NO CA)

    Rick in FL

    Uncork the power

    19 350 EXC-F US ECU programming. Removed intake reeds, blocked only exhaust emissions, removed exhaust pipe screen, and added JD tuner. All can be done within an hour. Easily programmed JD tuner to open exhaust settings. Huge difference as now has a nice smooth response through the entire throttle. Much more power and runs cooler. Feels much like my stock YZ 450!

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