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  • Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Rear Tire

    Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Rear Tire

    J in SC

    Good off road, mediocre on road, fair tread life

    I have a Kenda K760 110/100-18 on my KLX250S. When new, the center blocks measured about 15 or 16 mm. At 750 miles, they were 10 mm. 1300mi = 8mm left. At 1700 miles, they are now worn down to 4 mm. I might get to 2000 miles before I replace it. I'm disappointed that it didn't last longer, but I ride about 75% asphalt. Overall I am satisified with it. The traction on asphalt is mediocre, as expected with a knobby tire, but the traction in mud and rocks has been very good, especially when it was new.

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  • Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Front Tire

    Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Front Tire

    anthony in TX

    Grat for Light Dual Sports in Medium to Loose

    I've had these on a KLX250 and KLR650. These were fine for a lighter bike, but terrifying on the KLR. I took them on the New Mexico BDR for a week and the terrain just wasn't right for them, which was my fault as it was either highway or hard pack dirt and rock. I could feel the bike get happier in any kind of loose dirt. On the highway on a fully loaded KLR they were pretty sketchy in any kind of lean; I think the side lugs are just too small. Nothing wrong with the tire at all for what they were designed for.

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  • Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire

    Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire

    Jason in TN

    Great tire for wet and technical rocky/root riding

    This is my favorite tire for technical riding, especially in rocky and rooty terrain Works well in wet or dry conditions.

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  • Kenda K270 Dual Sport Rear Tire

    Kenda K270 Dual Sport Rear Tire

    GLENN in CA

    Kenda tire


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  • Kenda Bear Claw Tire

    Kenda Bear Claw Tire

    Jason in KY

    best tire for the money hands down.

    I would def recommend these tires for a utility quad. our Honda rancher 2x4 would get stuck very easy before I put bear claws on it. these tires made a world of differance. these tires are also very hard rubber. I have put many miles on them, some on the black top road and they hold up ??.

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  • Kenda K784 Big Block Dual Sport Adventure Rear Tire

    Kenda K784 Big Block Dual Sport Adventure Rear Tire

    William in FL

    1985 Kawasaki KLR600

    The tire (a 130/17) was used 50%-50% street-dirt on a series of dual sport rallies. The tread depth is now below 40% at 1,575 miles, no longer useful for it's purpose. The hard surface traction has been miserable; not just wet, the tire compound lost its ability to effectively grip on dry pavement after about 10% wear. On lighter intermediate surfaces such as dirt and gravel it was equally underwhelming. I don't have high expectations on a 50-50 dual sport tire in rough intermediate and soft surfaces, so I'll just say it was as good as any other 50-50 tire that I've used on those. The KLR600 is a light-weight, 350 pound bike. I find the positive reviews skewed toward heavier models interesting. Perhaps this tire just doesn't like light bikes.

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