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Latest Lectron Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Lectron Metering Rod Adjusting Tool

    Mireille in ON

    good tool

    Great tool to adjust metering rod, it does the job, its way better then plyers and it better then fingers, i like it

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  • Lectron High Velocity Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit

    Mireille in ON

    Lectron carb review

    Easy to install, did not need to remove gaz tank or seat, took me 30 mins really fast to change, the carb itself runs great no bugging when running from 1 to 5th gear, i run a fmf fatty and it adjusted itself i think its really a great product and the best thing is i dont have gas leak on my garage. I own a cr250r 2000

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  • Lectron Domino Replacement Throttle Cable for Lectron Carburetor

    Devin in UT

    Domino fits 2018 TE 300

    I have a 2018 TE 300, So I bought the domino cable for my lectron even though the drop menu only says 2016. It said the vortex on was for my 2018 TE... but I knew I had the Domino throttle housing. So get whatever cable to match your throttle housing. Only thing I don't love is the metal cable adjuster in the middle of the line. Can see water getting in and wearing out the cable faster. My old cable did not have this adjuster... but I guess it gives you more adjustment. I'll just have to waterproof it with some heat shrink

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  • Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor

    Jordan in WA

    2019 TC85 Lectron

    Bought for my Sons 2019 TC85 and it works as expected, it was a very very tight fit but was able to make work without any modifications. Anyone who wants a solution to jetting this will do it. We rode tons of various terrain at different elevations and temps so it was difficult to get it right all the time! This has solved all my problems.

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  • Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit

    ERIC in ID

    Runs flawlessly and I would buy this producet again.

    Love the Lectron on my 2016 KTM 300xc. Runs flawless and no jetting issues. Easy to install. This is as close to fuel injection as it gets. Uses less fuel.

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  • Lectron Remote Choke Kit

    BENNY in ID

    Nice idea but was not satisfied

    I like this idea for the lectron carb. I am giving this item a 2 star for a couple of reasons. First, we pay for $500 for a new carb, it sucks to add another $40 to this carb set up. I understand that I didn't have to but it would of been nice in my opinion that Lectron just add this in the kit. Second, I installed this choke with ease. The downside of installation was there were no instructions. Its always nice to have instructions especially for those who are mechanically sound. Lastly, I bought this a week ago and today was the first ride with this set up. Came home and the knob rattled itself off. Yes, my bad for not Locktiting it. But $40 i didnt think i needed to do this. Especially for a choke knob. I noticed that it loosened up about half way into my ride. I did tightened it down really good but still did not stay on. Ill be calling RM first thing monday morning for a return or swap. I'll be giving Lectron a call too.

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