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Latest Lectron Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Lectron Remote Choke Kit

    Brian in NY

    Lectron remote choke cable

    Makes cold starts 100% easier. I had a hard time fitting my hand around the pipe. Easy to install and mount to the bike.

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  • Lectron Domino Replacement Throttle Cable for Lectron Carburetor

    Justin in NV

    Not exact replacement

    Have to update cable adjuster coming out of carb if you have a older slip in cable. Doesn’t mention this anywhere and you can only order the part from lecton.

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  • Lectron Vortex Replacement Throttle Cable for Lectron Carburetor

    Doug in TN


    The length is correct and that the only good thing i have to say about it. It has a boot on the handlebar end but not on the carb end. It also has a 1980s cable adjustment in the middle of it with no way to seal it from moisture. It came with the Lectron carb i ordered, I expected better.

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  • Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit

    Michael in IN

    Lectron carb review 2008 KTM 300xc

    Absolutely amazing! I didn't want to re-jet my bike over and over like I have in the past so I took the Lectron plunge. After installing the carb it started right up on the first kick. After warming up the motor I lowered the idle screw a little. Now I can rest assured knowing that my bikes air fuel ratio is perfect no matter what temperature it is outside. I highly recommend this and would put one on my weed eater if they made one!

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  • Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor

    Matthew in CA

    Fill the Tank and Ride

    I bought this carb because the jef chart for a KTM 85sx is all over the place. We ride at so many different elevations and the temp is always changing on us, which means we end up having to change everything. I've gotten pretty efficient at changing the main and idle jets, and changing the needle clip position or changing the needle. I pull the carb and change all these things and have it back on in about 15 minutes. But then I've got to spend another 10-15 minutes at the riding area making sure that it's fine tuned. So every time we'd go ride, I'm spending 30 minutes to do this! It was old and taking away time with my kids. I got this lectron and put it on the bike. It was simple, the instructions were to just adjust the idle, and that's all I did. It sounds great. The response is right there off the bottom all the way through the powerband. One thing I do notice is when the bike idles for a few minutes when it's cold the pipe will load up a bit. You have to roll the throttle slightly to clean it out. Other than that, I've had no issues. And the extra 4hp they say it gets.....Oh man! Trust me! It's there! This is the best $500 I've ever spent on something for a bike!

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  • Lectron Metering Rod Adjusting Tool

    Corey in CO

    Does the job

    Great way to ensure you don't mess up an expensive metering rod. Works well, small and light weight to carry in your tool pack for tuning on the trail

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