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  • Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Marc in CA

    Great Front Tire

    Probably the best front I have ever used

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  • Maxxis Maxx Cross EN Tire

    Maxxis Maxx Cross EN Tire

    Vera in NY


    In the jungles of Dominican Republic i was using my friends 300 6 DAYS that had this tire,(on NY on my 500 excf ive used Kenda parkers and shinkos) being a new rider and being in another country on terrain i wasnt use to riding and watching lots of locals struggling on crazy, rocky, root steep mountain climbs i was very intimidated, i couldnt believe the traction with tire, i literally made the climbs look easy while passing riders that were stuck and falling. this is going to be my next tire.

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  • Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

    Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

    David in PA

    Really a good tire

    I’m really glad I decided on the Maxxis Ceros because there footprints are friendlier on lawns and great on rocky terrain so so in miner mud

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  • Maxxis Liberty Radial Tire

    Maxxis Liberty Radial Tire

    jim in AZ

    tires work well

    one of the only tires that actually measures out to 32 inches. mount up easy on beadlock wheels. mounted on a method race wheel they weigh just under 55 pounds.

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  • Maxxis Bighorn Radial Tire

    Maxxis Bighorn Radial Tire

    Fernando in NV

    The best all around tire you can get and they last .

    exhaust ,stage 2 computer,

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  • Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial Tire

    Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Radial Tire

    Roy in MT

    Will purchase again! Great price at Rocky Mountain ...

    Great product! Living in Montana during the winter you need quality tires. Feeding cow's in the snow and ice with my. Can Am and doing chores you need traction and these are great!! When riding in the mountains they handle great on rock and loose material.

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