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Latest Maxxis Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Maxxis Rampage Radial Tire

    James in NV

    Does everything very well, master at none

    We purchased these in 30x10 R14 to replace the stock 29" Bighorns on our 2021 XP 1000. These were placed on the stock rims, dimensions for our RZR increased slightly, we added 3/4" to overall width and very little to the ground clearance, perhaps 1/4". Our primary riding environment is the desert, and our initial thought was a very desert-centric tire like the Libertys, Tensor Regulators, KM3 or Terrabites. However, we ride in central Nevada, and a lot at the Black Rock Desert, where there's plenty of sharp rocks, hard pack, not much slick rock, and surprisingly, quite a bit of soft silty playa that's built up into dunes and built up in muddy areas in the spring. So we needed a tire that would survive the hard sharp rocks as well as give us some performance in the soft, and the Rampage seemed like a good fit. The Rampage has lived up to our expectations, we've been on hard pack at 60 mph, rocky trails with sharp dragon's teeth and no dirt in sight, soft playa, silty trails with no bottom, and just an hour or so on slickrock. The tire has performed great in all environments we ride in, the only thing missing has been sand, but the silt and mud seems to indicate it will be okay there too. Is the tire a standout in any particular environment? No. On slickrock, there's not as much grip as a dedicated crawler tire; on rocky trails, the sidewalls are just a tad stiff; at high speed on hard pack, the "hunt" a bit more than tires with rounded edges (think KM3's); and they do grip in the soft, just not as much as tires with deeper lugs and a more open pattern. does perform everything at 80-90%. It is an all-around tire for the desert. If you need a tire for hard-bitten desert riding with puncture resistance, that also will perform admirably in the soft, this is the tire for you.

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  • Maxxis Carnivore Radial Tire

    Lenny Kravens in IL

    Carnivores on a Wolverine

    Great price, fast shipping, and great customer service. A wonderful upgrade for the Wolverine X2. A lot quieter and smoother while riding around. Went with the 28” tire, no fitment issues. Machine doesn’t seem to be bogged down even with tire / wheel combo from Rocky Mountain.

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  • Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Nathan in CA

    Great California Desert tire

    Go to tire for California desert riding / racing. Tires feels a bit squirrelly on the first 20 miles but feels very planted after that. I can get 3-4 D37 races out of the tire. Great durability. A little pricey compared to the STI but I feel that the Maxxis gets a little better traction.

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  • Maxxis Maxxcross EN Tire

    Derek in AZ

    Looks good, great traction, short life

    Before I wrote this review I tested 2 sets. I live in rocky Arizona with a variety of dry and wet washes. First impressions they are installation friendly and look nice. The front feels grounded in turns but not puncture resistant. I got a front flat almost every time I went out. I run tubliss with slime and still got punctured. As the hours of riding went by the front cornering knobs started to rip off. The rear however has great turning but straight line acceleration in loose soft terrain suffered but great in the harder terrain and boulders. The rear once tire started to wear traction just fell off. I didn’t realize how much till I put on a new one. It is my recommendation if you are the guy that replaces tires every race or never runs a tire down then you’ll love them. Great price too but if your hoping to get long life out of them or you like aggressive acceleration traction I wouldn’t spend the money. They may completely different in the woods or wet lands. I enjoy trying all different tires and these reminded me of the metzler 6 Day but a lot cheaper.

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  • Maxxis Maxxcross Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Todd in CA

    Best Southwest terrain tire on the market

    Best in the Desert tire I have ever owned! Great knobby pattern with side knobs that don’t break off in sand/rock combination terrain. Airs down nicely to 11 #’s for perfect balance of rim protection & flotation. Invest in yourself & get this tire if you ride in the Southwest.

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  • Maxxis Bighorn Radial Tire

    bruce in CA

    Maxis Big Horn radials are the way to go!

    pretty indestructible, but I have had sidewall punctures ruin one of these tires, but I don't think that was the fault of the tire. I ran one flat (no air at all) over a really rough rocky trail for 10 miles and I got home without rim damage, in fact the tire is still on my Rhino to this day 3 years later!

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