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  • Mobius X8 Knee Brace

    Mobius X8 Knee Brace

    earl in MI

    Great braces.

    Love them! They are pretty comfy even after 8 hours of riding. Ive had a few good crashes in them and o injuries. I've hit all kinds of rocks and trees with them as well as my own bike and not one issue. Complete coverage of your knee lower thigh and shin all the way into your boot. It gives you alot of confidence knowing that you are protected that well. I wear compression sleeves when i wear them and have no rubbing issues. They are a little hot...but who isnt when ripping? As long as you tighten them right they dont slide down. It also takes a little trial and error to get the pad size just right. I'm running the mediums. Only issue ive had was with the straps separating. It didnt affect performance and mobius sent me new straps for free.

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  • Mobius X8 Wrist Brace

    Mobius X8 Wrist Brace

    Eric in MI

    great addition to your protective gear items

    i had a massive injury to the right wrist in 2002, both radius, and ulnar bones (multiple breaks both bones), repaired with 2 plates, 6 screws. ruptured thumb tendon and subsequent repair 6 weeks after initial injury, same hand. everything was ok until march of 2019, ruptured index finger tendon from screw coming in contact with tendon, due to bone density loss with age. 4 screws removed, tendon repaired. bought the mobius brace after seeing the pro's wear them, and needing, wanting some added protection for my wrist, tendons, etc... other than the price, i am REALLY IMPRESSED, with the product. once on, you dont notice it when riding. Eric

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  • Mobius Graduated Compression Knee Sleeves

    Mobius Graduated Compression Knee Sleeves

    Travis in MA

    No fatigue

    Ever since I started wearing these I have zero fatigue in my legs even after hours riding and the stay in place without sliding down my leg or bunching up. I would not hestitate to buy them again

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  • Mobius X8 Two Hole Wrist Brace Replacement Liner

    Mobius X8 Two Hole Wrist Brace Replacement Liner

    Kristin in NJ


    Excellent fit and very comfortable

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