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Moose Racing

Latest Moose Racing Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Moose Racing ADV1 Dry Saddlebags

    Rated 4.00 out of five stars.★★★★☆

    Randy in WA

    MSR saddle bag

    Nice bags for the price. They do not compress as well as higher end bags. I use on enduro that gets road and fire road use. I use a bags with more compression straps for off-road use

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  • Moose Racing Qualifier Jacket

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    Charles in OR

    Awesome Jacket

    Great jacket at an amazing price. Moose racing never disappoints!

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  • Moose Racing M1 Pant

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    ZACH in VA

    Great pants

    I'm writing this review because I see a 1 star review and have found these pants to be almost opposite of the other review. I race hare scrambles, A class, and am hard on gear. I have now bought 3 pairs over 2 years of these pants and they are extremely durable, comfortable and flexible. I wouldn't say they have tons of ventilation but have never found that they are hot, here in Virginia. I have bought so many other mfg, and way more expensive, pants and they all come apart way too quickly. These don't. The best pants I've ever purchased

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  • Moose Racing MX2 Gloves

    Rated 5.00 out of five stars.★★★★★

    Travis in IN

    Great Pair of Gloves

    Presently surprised with the quality and performance of this glove!

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  • Moose Racing XC1 Guard Jersey

    Rated 4.00 out of five stars.★★★★☆

    Homan in NV

    Great armor jersey, build to last.

    I have the older "XC1 body armor" version purchased 11/2021. Looks almost identical to this "jersey "version except for the color and shape around the collar. Sizing - I'm 6'2" 210 with 44" chest, I wear a size large in almost everything, shirts to hoodies. I went with the L/XL and it fits snug without being uncomfortable. It is form fitting and meant to be worn underneath a jersey as a base layer. Durability - I've used this for about two years now on every ride and wash it almost after every ride. All the seams, stitching, zipper, velcro and the mesh material have held up amazingly well. The only thing wrong after all this use is a one area of stitching pulled apart at the chest armor pocket. This is from having to really stretch the opening to get the chest armor in and out. The way it is stitched though keeps it from getting any worse. See attached pic. Everywhere else has held up perfectly and the velcro is still very strong and all the armor pieces are held snug in their pockets. I've had several wrecks/falls and this armor jersey has held up with barely any fraying. Armor - See the pics of the armor and the stamped certification numbers. The armor gets softer with heat so it starts to mold to you as your wear it. It's harder than foam and softer and more conforming than plastic. It reminds me of D30 material. The shoulder and elbow pieces stay in place and aren't bulky at all. I feel I have full range of motion and hardly know I'm wearing armor. I've crashed on my shoulders and elbows and they show no wear and helped keep me free from injury. The armor pieces do have perforations in them for airflow. I trail ride in Vegas and it's harsh no matter what in 90+ degree weather and I still wear this armor. I did have one low side crash at speed where I slid along my bottom and my right forearm/elbow. The drag allowed the wrist opening of the jersey to slide up a little and the elbow armor to move up towards my triceps. It still protected my elbow but exposed my forearm to drag on the dirt and rocks. The jersey surprisingly held up with just fraying and didn't tear. So any sliding fall like this will overcome the compression of the jersey and may allow the armor pad to shift a little versus the armor jackets that have wrist/forearm straps to help keep the elbow armor in place The only other issue is the shape of the chest pad and the small opening for its pocket. All the other armor pieces go in and out easily, but the bottom of the chest piece is way bigger than the opening flap so you have to stretch it pretty hard. I now just leave the chest armor in and remove all the other ones to throw in the washer. In all I highly recommend this protective this armor jersey from Moose. For me it's a good balance of comfort and protection. It might not protect as well as some others, but I like the slim line and minimalist design. This has saved my elbows and shoulders countless times and I could run this for another 2 years easily as long as the zipper holds up. Pictures are after 2 years of use at time of this review. Would have given 5 stars if price were in $80 range and forearm had straps to secure the elbow armor.

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