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  • Moose Racing Fender Mount Tool Pack

    Moose Racing Fender Mount Tool Pack

    Jeffrey in CA

    Great Moose product but has fitment issues.

    Just looked way too big sitting on my rear fender so I ended up putting it on my front number plate. The interior tool straps cover up the mounting holes making it a definite challenge to install.

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  • Moose Racing Tool Wrap

    Moose Racing Tool Wrap

    Drew in ME

    Great Tool Wrap

    Hold all my tools well. Works great, excellent value. Recommended.

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  • Moose Racing Foam Handguards

    Moose Racing Foam Handguards

    Randy in UT

    Great for extra protection from cold.

    Must have for snow bike. Only downfall is they are soft and trees like to grab them

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  • Moose Racing Mousse Bib Tire Changer

    Moose Racing Mousse Bib Tire Changer

    Devin in PA

    Works Great

    I run bibs front and rear, and change tires a lot for the different terrain i ride/race on and this thing has paid me back more than enough. It works great just like a tire changer should. You can do tires with bibs, or tubes. Has a long handle to get leverage on to pop tires off bead if need be. The feet are large so it doesn't wobble while working. Easy to go from 21 inch to 18 inch. And it even has a carrying case if you need to take it somewhere. For the price this thing cannot be beat IMO... Reason for a 4 in durability is because there are small plastic plugs in the tubes that dont stay in... But that dont matter at all really..

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  • Moose Racing Diplomat Storage Trunk

    Moose Racing Diplomat Storage Trunk

    Danny & Lorrie in OK

    Moose Racing Diplomat Trunk Mounted on a 2003 Honda...

    It's not just another ATV attachment, it's a tool for the use of the ATV. Each side compartment is sealed from dust and water. Granted my ATV doesn't sit out side all the time, but when it has been rained on the compartments are dry. The trunk has a lot of storage room, but sometimes you may need to rotate an item to get it into the compartments. I did add some foam on the inside bottom and the sides to stop itmes from banging around and making noise. I insert plastic boxes to out itmes in that I don't want sliding around or for more delicate items. The rear pad is very comfortable and the back rest is nice also. I did go to the hard ware store and picked up two more U-clamps with locking nuts. The trunk comes with four clamps and nuts, but I wanted more mounts to ensure that the plastic bottom didn't get stressed cracked. This may not be the tallest truck , but the storage space will hold just about any tools or toys you are willing to carry. The seat and backrest was worth the price I paid for it. For ATV racks with rased rails - The truck has a counter sunk area about 3" deep that runs all the way across the rear of the trunk. It's very universe trunk, but if your ATV has raised side rails on each side, I suggest you measure your rack area before you order. Only reason that I gave the trunk 4 stars, it should have came with 6 U-clamps and nuts and it for sure should have had been linded with some noise damping foam. For the price I paid for the trunk, those are the only little nit picks that with held it from being almost perfect.

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  • Moose Racing Adv1 Dry Trail Pack

    Moose Racing Adv1 Dry Trail Pack

    DR650 in TN

    Bags for the DR650. 80L

    Great fit for the DR 650. Can’t beat what you gear for the price!

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