Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System
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Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System

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    The Nuetech TUbliss system replaces conventional inner tubes with a small red 100 psi insert that creates two different pressure zones inside the tire itself. This enables an incredible 100 PSI of rim protection, increased tire stability and eliminates pinch flats. In turn, this allows you to run very low tire pressure for massive gains in traction and a much plusher ride. TUbliss allows you to safely run much lower tire pressures creating a much larger contact patch, this equates to instant bolt on performance you can feel and take advantage of on the first ride.
  • TUbliss acts as a 100 psi bumper, providing a protective cushion against rim damage. It also stabilizes the tire closer to the rim so the sidewall stands up instead of flopping over, this allows the tire to absorb more of the impact forces before they get to the rim.
  • TUbliss literally clamps the full circumference of the tires bead and side wall to the rim acting like a 360 degree rim lock.
  • The typical weight savings on a rear wheel compared to a standard (OEM) pinch prone tube is about one pound and can be up to several pounds lighter than HD, or UHD tubes. And saving weight in the wheels is the most important place to shave weight. It's a difference you can feel as it helps improve acceleration, braking & handling. Experts say saving a pound of rotating weight in the wheels is equivalent to saving 6-10 pounds of weight off the bike.
  • By eliminating the tube you eliminate the dreaded pinch flat, forever! Now tire repair can be as simple as a tubeless tire plug.
  • Without the weight and friction of a conventional tube installed, tire temperatures are greatly reduced. This also eliminates tire pressure increases during the course of a moto.

Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System Reviews

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great when you're near your truck

Comments On Sep 25, 2015:รข??PRO: much lighter then the bridgestone UHD tubes i use, running a sedona mx907 rear at 4 psi is amazing! CON: tricky and messy to install with slime but you get used to it, the rim tape comes off every time - the constant moisture from the slime gets into the adhesive and releases it no matter how hard i try not to have it happen, if you cut a tire with tubliss you're done.
just came back from baja mex. cut a rear tire on the beach, it sliced the outer carcass but didn't penetrate into the inner skin of the tire but regardless the air leaked out and tire went flat. aired it back up, flat again. had to pull out the tubliss and install a full tube then had to mule the red inner liner on the front bars of the bike the rest of the trip. tubliss has strong advantages and strong disadvantages. but what doesn't. i think from now on for rides in the states, with parts and help readily avail i'll run the tubliss, but def not for baja or high risk rides. i'll just run mouse.

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Bought just the rear

Comments On Sep 16, 2015:Love it! I think this is a great product and love the advantage of being to run low pressure in the rear.

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Best Improvement to date

Comments On Sep 15, 2015:Bike is a 2011 YZ450F. Just installed with a brand new Dunlop AT81RC. Raced a hare scramble the following weekend and could not believe the difference it made. Seriously, this makes the whole rear end of the bike hook up, track, and absorb things that you would just deflect off of with a HD tube @13psi. Started with 4.5 psi in practice and moved down to 2 psi for the race and loved it. I was also really impressed with the tire wear. I've been through 5-6 AT81's and none of them have looked like this after the first race. The tire does not spin as much which results in less tire wear. Assuming I have no other trouble with this I will stick with this as long as they make it.

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Like traction?

Comments On Aug 15, 2015:Riding at 4 psi without worrying about a pinch flat is like cheating. Get a flat? put a snake in the hole and be back on the bike in 2 minutes or less. I'd give this 6 stars if they'd let me.

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Comments On Jul 09, 2015:I have used this for a few rides in muddy harescrambles and it has worked great with a stiff, hard compound tire with no air in it. When it is not muddy i run low pressure 2-5 and still get great traction in everything.

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Traction traction traction!

Comments On Jun 28, 2015:No pinched tubes Lower pressures Less rotating mass No more carrying tubes Plugging a tire is WAY easier than replacing a tube! It's a win all the way around. Buying another for the front!

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Run it with Slime and you're unstoppable

Comments On Jun 15, 2015:This is the best product I've ever purchased for my bike. No more pinch flats - simple! I can run 8psi rear 11psi front to crawl all over the slippery roots and rocks of Walker Valley WA. I don't need Trials tires anymore since I can get so much out of my knobbies.
One caution - while you can "run flat," running hard at all with a flat tire that is a soft compound like the Dunlop AT81 will put rim-cuts through your beads and you won't be able to seal the tire again without a traditional tube. I learned the hard way! The lesson is to run a tougher tire or ride very easy if you do get a flat.

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Love these

Comments On May 05, 2015:I have been using this system for years now and love it. You have to get use to changing the tire a little differently but once you do you will not go back. The ability to run your air pressure very low and not worry about a pinch flat is outstanding.

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Will not go back to tubes!

Comments On Mar 28, 2015:2012 WR450, front and rear. Have had these for over a year and a couple of tire changes, they are holding up great. Easy to install and do not dread changing tires anymore. very easy. Like the fact that you can run the tire flat in an emergency and not come off the bead, rear tire was punctured and went flat traction was loose but was able to finish the race. NO Pinch flats and can adjust tire pressure down and have great traction!

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These work great

Comments On Mar 26, 2015:I use these both front and rear on my KTM. I ride out at Divide Peak OHV, and I can be up to 15 miles from help if I break down. I usually ride by myself, so if I break down, it could be really bad. I've used these for about 18 months and they have saved my bacon. I've ridden home numerous times on a completely flat front tire (30 miles dirt and street) and made it home safely. Now I've learned how to plug my tires, and haven't had any non-repairable flat tires yet. It gives me piece of mind knowing that I can repair (plug) my tires on the trail (without removing the wheel) and get home if I get a flat. I carry tire plugs and CO2 cartridges with me when I ride. I highly recommend these for riders who need to be able to repair flat tires out on the trail.

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