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  • Pro X 99101-357 Series Keihin Hex Main Jet

    Pasquale in VA

    Good Jet

    Plain and simple, its a replacement jet. I don't trust many aftermarket jet companies (I prefer OEM), but I've always had good luck with Pro-X jets in my Keihin FCR

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  • JD Jetting Power Surge 6X Fuel Injection Tuner (NO CA)

    BRUCE in PA

    Good enough

    Easy install. Noticeable difference. Easy to adjust. You do need to uncork and desmog first.

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  • Tusk Fuel Mixture Screw

    Scott in CA

    Tight access but no special tools for fuel mix adju...

    It is very helpful to adjust the carb without a special tool but with all the stuff around the carb it is still a bit challenging and important to wear gloves because of hot parts. On my bike there is too much in the way to grab the fuel mix screw between the finger and thumb so the grippy cuts in the edge of the screw are important to be able to turn it by just moving one finger along its edge. I really like the numbers so it is easier to count each quarter turn. I used a micrometer to measure the OEM screw and the Tusk. The Tusk measured about .05mm less diameter in most sections and I think this causes it to require it to be turned in a bit more than the OEM. But I was able to adjust the carb. Note... I was having slight starting and erratic idling issues and thought it was carb adjustment problems. When this didn't work, I adjusted the valves and now the bike runs great. Think carb first, then valves if you have starting and idling problems.

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  • Helix Racing Products Carburetor Vent Line

    Pasquale in VA

    Replacement Lines

    Nothing special here, just regular replacement carb vent line. Great durability as expected.

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  • Pro X N424-21 Series Keihin Pilot Jet

    Pasquale in VA

    Perfect Jet

    Great jet. I haven't had an issue with this yet. However, I know some brands or off-brand jets you may receive in carb rebuild kits can be a little off, so I tend to stick with genuine Keihin replacement jets. With that being said, I had great luck with this and would not hesitate to buy it as an alternative.

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  • Pro X N224.103 Series Mikuni Pilot Jet

    Pasquale in VA

    Great Jet

    Worked great in the Mikuni carb I was rebuilding for a 125. No complaints here.

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