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ATV GPS and Navigation

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ATV GPS and Navigation

Never get lost again with an ATV GPS navigation system. You’ll be able to pinpoint your location regardless of where you are, and you can check out where a road ends before deciding to take it. You’re probably familiar with the GPS units that are commonly found in automobiles, assisting drivers with directions. Now you can utilize that same technology for your off-road adventures, keeping track of trails and maintaining a sense of direction in the great outdoors.

Some of these GPS units will even keep track of where you’ve been, allowing you to upload your own custom course to a computer later. And if that isn’t enough for you, you can even grab routes online that others have created and use them to create a custom adventure of your own. Today’s navigation systems are more advanced than ever, offering a plethora of features that provide the ultimate in trail-riding convenience.

Of course, the last thing you need is to constantly fumble around with a small device while you’re on a trail. That’s why we also supply ATV GPS mounts. With a good mounting bracket, you can keep your GPS in view at all times without ever breaking to take your hands off the handlebars.

Don’t delay – pick up an ATV GPS today! Browse our selection to see what best suits your needs.

Latest GPS/Navigation Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Ram Mounts Cradle Holder For Garmin Montana

    Noah in OR

    Garmin Montana GPS holder.

    Put this on my LT 500, works perfect. Easy to get the Garmin GPS on and off.

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  • Garmin Montana 680 GPS

    Daniel in NV

    Old school, but effective.

    With a device like this, you need to know what to expect. First, the bad. It's a short but important list: the interface is clunky at first, the device has no wireless connectivity (everything must be transferred via USB), and loading free maps is a bit of a chore (though Garmin's paid maps are, of course, easy enough). Now for the things that I appreciate about the device: - The powered mount (GPS city .com SKU RAMB149ZAMONT) is awesome. The device clicks in and never budges, and because the charging is built into the mount, you never need to worry about destroying your charging ports via too much vibration. - Sunlight readable screen. You can read the screen no problem no matter how bright the day and from all reasonable angles -Free maps from www gpsfiledepot com cover most of the united states - support for KML files (georeferenced PDFs) -The device is RUGGED with a capital RUGGED. I ride in the desert in temps of 110F at times, and unlike the cell phones I've tried, the device has never once overheated or had any heat related issues. I've ridden through rainstorms with it, same deal. -Resistive touch screen so you can use it with ANY glove

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  • Giant Loop Tracker Packer

    Alexandre in QC

    Very good product

    I don't want my Inreach to be in a pocket or hard to reach, so keeping it on my arm is the best solution.

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  • Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS/Computer

    Dan in CA

    Good unit, but Maps is disappointing

    Good unit, but the Maps feature is really disappointing. Most people (like me) bought this unit over Garmin for the Maps feature. The sad story is their Rideleader website really, really sucks. This is the website where the maps are supposedly located. Most of the times, the website flat out isn't working, and if it is working the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. You can find other GPX maps out there, but you will spend hours searching the internet for them. You can create your own maps just fine, but that means the first time you go somewhere you are riding blind. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of having Maps in the first place! Ignoring Maps, the unit works very well and is fun to use. The unit is on my KTM so it's in the dirt 100%. Definitely recommend getting the aluminum case. I went down the first time out and smashed the cheap plastic mount that it comes with. The head unit was fine, albeit scratched and banged up. Installation was OK, but could be so much better if TT supplied an inline fuse and better connections to existing wheel speedo cables. TT needs to greatly improve their Rideleader website, and then this unit would be great (and meet my expectations as they advertised it).

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  • FunTreks Guidebooks ATV Trails Guide Colorado Central Mountains

    Thomas in NE

    Trail book

    Purchased this book has really nice information on trails with maps and key points of interest.

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  • Ram Mounts Ram Ez-Roll'R Cradle for Spot Gen3

    Robert in CO

    Spot Cradle

    Fits perfectly, hold the Spot unit securely. I highly recommend all RAM products. Never had an issue with any of their products.

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