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  • Tusk Crush Washer

    GT in ID

    I don’t think this is as good as original equipment.

    This appears to be a aluminum flat washer....not a direct replacement for the brass original equipment Polaris Crush washer one that came on the machine. I worry it may not be as leak free as the original. Not something I should have to worry about for a .99 part. I may go to the Polaris dealer and purchase an original equipment washer for peace of mind. This came as part of the tusk oil change kit.

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  • Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Richard in ID

    one little mod and it was perfect.

    I like this gauge and the price is so much better than its competition. I hot glued a small magnet to the back so I can just stick it to the side of my tool box or the wall (metal rib) of my trailer.

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  • Tusk Adjustable Height Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

    Shaun in UT

    Great title

    I’m new at this sport and I’ve heard from many friends that I should avoid changing my own tires if at all possible because it can be a headache. Well, by the time I have 2 tires professionally changed I could purchase the tire stand and changeover tools, so why not give it a try? RMATVMC has a great tire changing video, with this exact stand, and I had my first ever tire changed in 20 min. And that was installing a stiff new tire. The stand makes it so much easier when using your tire spoons because you can set it at the level your comfortable with and it gives you the leverage you need to pull a tire on and off. I would be careful when you tighten down the clamp/screw and make sure it’s centered properly onto the wheel as I slightly damaged my wheel bearing. Also, with the tire on the mount I had a difficult time with getting my spoons in and out of the tool holder. I’ll have to play with it a little bit but it was pretty much useless while changing the tire.

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  • Tusk Sliding Sag Scale

    Richard in ID

    sag scale saved my marraige

    After years of using a tape measure I finally purchased a sag scale. I can't believe I did as I was the guy who always said it was the dumbest thing ever when all you need is a tape measure. Fast forward to now and I'm trying to set race sag in the garage with the help of my wife. "place the end of the tape measure where? "it looks like 4 with a few lines?" etc, etc. The sag scale has the conical end and I can lock it for the static sag. Super easy with no guess work. She's a great help.

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  • Tusk Exhaust Spring Tool

    Daniel in OR

    Tusk Spring Puller

    I struggled with pliers for too long. This makes it easier and that makes me happy.

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  • Tusk Motorcycle Tire Bead Tool

    Daniel in OR

    Tusk Bead Tool

    Makes tire changes easier and that makes me swear less.

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