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  • Fastway Adjustable Linkage Guard with Replaceable Skid Plate

    Fastway Adjustable Linkage Guard with Replaceable Skid Plate

    sergio in FL

    fastway link

    this made my bike way better I deff recommend this

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  • Fastway 2" Handlebar Risers

    Fastway 2" Handlebar Risers

    Tony in UT

    Makes my bars higher

    Duh. Good quality risers. Makes standing much more enjoyable.

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  • Fastway Evo 4 Foot Pegs

    Fastway Evo 4 Foot Pegs

    Jared in WV

    Best pegs ever

    I’m taller 6’3 so I run these on the lowboy setting with the aggressive set screws. Huge platform. Boots stick to them very well

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  • Fastway Air Ext Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    Fastway Air Ext Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit

    James in CA

    Great pegs but 4 stars due to extension to far inbo...

    The reason I am giving these pegs 4 stars is because the ankle protecting extension component for me is too far inboard. Gripping the tank while riding with your toes just a little turned in makes the ankle turn out. On a big hit in this position the extension component is too close to the bike to effectively catch the heal and prevent an achilles injury, or shear fracture from happening. If the extension was another 8 or 10mm further outboard I think this problem would be solve. Everything else is great. The pegs installed easily in 20 minutes and feel very well made and fit great. The riding platform also is outstanding.

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  • Fastway KTM/Husqvarna Handlebar Mount

    Fastway KTM/Husqvarna Handlebar Mount

    Doere in CA

    Twice what KTM offers in their stock bar mounts

    Extremely robust bar mount system. I can't imagine the Fastway bar mount could ever fail or twist. Very disappointed with the stock KTM bar mounts. I have heard and read where their bar mounts weren't very good, this is proof. In over fifty years of riding and racing with many high speed crashes I have never bent or twisted a bar mount Bars yes mounts never. A slow speed front wheel washout in a soft dirt corner and the mount looked like it had been in a train wreck, The stock bar mount was twisted over 20 degrees out and the bars were still straight. I think the Fastway Bar Mount is priced on the high side but if it holds up then money well spent. If/when? I get another KTM I'll swap out the bar mounts and keep the Fastway.

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  • Fastway Evolution III Foot Pegs

    Fastway Evolution III Foot Pegs

    samuel in CA

    good pegs

    Some of the best pegs ive ever had, super expensive but worth the price- super versatile and the lower setting makes all the difference in the world. the shorter teeth work great for traction, i was really worried theyde chew up my boots but so far so good

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