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KTM fuel and air intake systems

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KTM Fuel Line Wash Cap$14.43$16.99 You save 15%
KTM Offroad/Bad Fuel Dongle$114.99
KTM OEM Fuel Pump$388.36$502.58 You save 23%
KTM SXS Acceleration Pump Spring$6.99

Latest Fuel and Air Intake Systems Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds


    Carl in IL

    you won't be disappointed

    brings back that great throttle response.

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  • V-Force 3 Replacement Reeds


    Sammy in KY

    Great product for great price

    Everything thing was as expected they give you instructions just in case you don't know what your doing they are well worth the money and very easy to install

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  • Tusk Carburetor Vent Line


    James in LA

    Cool Blue

    Ive tried other types, brands of tubing. This is by far my favorite, Its super easy to work with & looks cool too. Time will tell how durable it is, hopefully stays pliable.

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  • Thunder Products Dial-A-Jet


    Matthew in NJ

    Best 2 Stroke mod

    Awesome setup! This kit is a must for any carbureted 2 stroke. No more worrying about jetting as the season changes or in different climates. I installed mine during a winter build on a bike I only rode once before tearing down. Its a 02 Cr250 that the previous owner put an Air Striker on and had it jetted WAY to rich. With limited info on a base-line for jetting with this mod, the Dial-A-Jet made tuning a breeze. Didn't have to worry about lean conditions damaging the engine. I originally jetted slightly rich but after dropping the jetting down 2 sizes and adjusting the Dial-A-Jet, I haven't had to touch it again since. I recommend this product to any 2 stroke enthusiast, both weekend warrior and competition riders.

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  • JD Jetting Jet Kit


    Nathan in IA

    Must have product for carbed bikes

    Must have product to wake up the Drz400sm. Get this kit, do the 3x3 mod and full exhaust and it'll be a new bike. Ive never worked on a carb in my life and the JD jet kit was extremely easy to install.

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  • Tusk Fuel Mixture Screw


    Paul in OH

    Make your carb great again.

    Carbureted four strokes need this upgrade. Adjust lean rich mixture by hand while it's running. Pipe red hot? Richen it up by turning this screw out a half turn at a time. Sooty exhaust? Lean it out by turning screw in a bit.

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