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Motorcycle Flags, Mounts and Poles

Make a personal statement as you ride with motorcycle flags. They are designed to remain out of the way while maintaining a highly visible role on your bike. Some attach to the luggage rack for quick and painless installation. Others fasten to the antenna or sissy bar.

We choose to carry quality flags and flag poles developed from brands like Pro Pad and Show Chrome Accessories. They are designed with durability in mind and can withstand normal highway use. If you’ve already got a flag pole mounted to your motorcycle, we also carry replacement flags. They come in two sizes: highway (6"×9") or parade (10"×15").

Most poles come standard with the USA flag. It’s the perfect way to proudly display your patriotism for everyone around. However, we also have a few other styles available among our replacement flags. POW/MIA flags are ideal for remembering the nation’s soldiers who were either captured or never accounted for. If you wish to honor a friend or loved one who appears forgotten by others, it is the perfect accessory. If you’re a southerner, you might also be interested in a Dixie flag to show your pride.

Pick up one of these excellent motorcycle flags today – they’re the ideal complement for any existing setup on your bike.

Latest Flags & Mounts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver LED Xtreme Lighted Whip with Wireless Remote

    Gorilla Whips Twisted Silver LED Xtreme Lighted Whip with Wireless Remote

    Michael in CA


    Very fast and easy shipping. Very bright

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  • Tusk Motorcycle Flag Mount Adaptor

    Tusk Motorcycle Flag Mount Adaptor

    Ken in AZ

    Might be good if it fit

    Did not fit my 2001 KX500 so its hard to provide much feedback. Doesn't look like it will fit my 1999 KX250 either. I'm glad I didn't spend much on it.

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  • Tusk Adjustable UTV Flag Mount

    Tusk Adjustable UTV Flag Mount

    Michael in NV

    Use Blue thread locker

    My RZR has no horizontal or vertical flag mounting points available due to all the after market and Polaris accessories I’ve installed. This mount was the answer! Placing the star washer between the flag mount and the bar clamp, using blue thread locker on the attaching screw threads, and tightening with the aid of a vice I was able to get the mount so secure it can withstand 40+ mph without any loosening. Works great!

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  • ZenXTen Universal Motorcycle Flag Mount

    ZenXTen Universal Motorcycle Flag Mount

    Randy in CA

    Great idea. Works well

    Worked great on my 2015 KTM. I already had some previously drilled holes, so I used zip ties for peace of mind. But my friend with a 2017 didn't use any additional fastening methods. It fell off once, but after readjustment, no issues for rest of weekend. Notes: -Only works with 1/4" diameter flags (5/16" won't fit) - Despite recommended in the instructions, I didn't need to spread the end of the fiberglass pole after insertion into the holder. (It fit very tight as it was)

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  • Tusk Light Duty Roll Cage Clamp

    Tusk Light Duty Roll Cage Clamp

    Mike in ID

    Great clamps

    everything was included and easy install. I’ve been using them on the trail for a while and love them.

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  • Tusk Quick Release Flag Pole Holder

    Tusk Quick Release Flag Pole Holder

    DANIEL in AZ

    Stop busting your knuckles

    If you have a RZR and mount your 6’-7’ flag at the rear edge of your bed STOP and buy 1 or 2 of these and distort your arms and wrists and bust your knuckles only one more time installing this and EASILY mount and dismount your flags every time you need to.

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