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Street Motorcycle Tools

Whether you’re just getting into wrenching on your bike or you’re an established motorcycle mechanic, you need to have tools. Fortunately, we’ve got something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re picking up your first set of wrenches or looking for a specialized tool, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

If you’re just beginning, don’t get too eager by dreaming of fancy tools you see your friends working with. Instead, focus on the basics, things like wrenches and screwdrivers. There are a couple of other general tools that will come in handy as well, like socket wrenches or impact drivers. Your toolset should begin with the basics like these.

One of the most important things you need if you’re going to be working on your bike is the service manual. It discusses what you need to know to wrench on your particular motorcycle, like your torque specs. But that’s not all it tells you – it also indicates if any specialty tools are required for a job. Specialized tools are necessary to complete certain jobs.

Finally, there are also tools which are designed for a specific purpose and which add an extra layer of convenience to the process. These aren’t always required to complete a certain task per se, but they sure make it a lot easier to get the job done right. In the beginning, you probably won’t have any of these, and that’s okay. But if you’re looking to expand your existing toolset, you’ll love it when you get a tool that makes your life easier. Suddenly, a job that used to take 60 minutes might only take 10.

Naturally, there are a couple of additional things that you might want to keep around as well, like a parts dish, zip ties or gloves. These aren’t tools by definition, but you’ll still want them around your garage. They come in handy.

This motorcycle tools page is divided into several categories, as you can see above. Some of these sections are for general tools or tools for working on a specific section of your bike (like the engine or the tires). However, others aren’t tools at all but rather things that will make it easier to work on your bike, like hardware kits and shopwear. If you’re serious about working on your motorcycle, you might also want to check out our lift stands. They make working on your bike much easier (and less strenuous).

Wrenching on your own motorcycle is something that every rider can do to some extent – you just need the right tools. You can find what you need at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, whether you’re just getting started, looking to upgrade, or trying to find a specialty tool. Check out our selection now!

Latest Tools Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Master Link Clip Pliers

    Neal in MI

    Nice tool to have

    Getting the masterlink clip on and off is always tough, but these definitely make it easier. I went back and forth between the masterlink tool and these, and I think you could go either way, but this was the cheaper alternative. I might still pick up the smaller holding tool for emergency trail service, but in your garage these work well.

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  • Motion Pro Valve Core Remover

    Kris in AR

    Great Tool!

    Easily removed valve cores on two different bikes. The machining is very nice and the textured area at the top provided a solid gripping surface. The tool is very short, which worked great on a CRF50, as well as larger bikes. Because the tool is so short, it could be easy to misplace, but it will also easily fit in a tool roll.

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  • Tusk Heavy Duty Chain Breaker

    Rob in CO

    Quality Tool

    Worked perfectly fine removing stock pin without grinding head off. Cut replacement chain with ease. Very pleased with purchase.

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  • Tusk Portable Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand and Bead Breaker

    Ken in AZ

    Definitely makes tire changes easier

    I always struggled with rear tire changes and after getting ripped off by my local shop I figured I'd get a tool. The expensive tools may work better but for a fraction of the cost I think this is worth it. Remember to lube your tire and rim and get the bead down into the dish. Watch some videos to get the technique down. Can't comment on durability since I only used it once so far.

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  • Tusk Spark Plug Holder

    SAM in MO

    Plugs won't fit

    Too small for the plugs I use in my KTM. The small plugs for my daughter's bike fit fine,

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  • Tusk Impact Driver

    Timothy in TX

    Love it!

    Just what I needed for removing stubborn Phillips and Flat head screws/bolts. Hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve successfully removed every screw/bolt I’ve used it on so far.

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