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UTV GPS and Navigation

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UTV GPS and Navigation

If you don’t have a GPS unit for your UTV yet, it’s time to get one. Today’s GPS technology isn’t just more accurate than ever; it’s also more useful for a variety of contexts. And since UTVs are among the most versatile vehicles available, the right GPS system is a must-have add-on.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of packing along a GPS is that you can navigate trail systems. But not only will this help you keep on track with where you’re going, many units also record where you’ve been. This is perfect if you want to build a good route to follow again later or to share with friends. It’s easy to track each trip for ride reports. When you have a GPS unit along, you might even discover new adventures that you might otherwise discount or ignore.

If you’ve got the right setup and local laws permit it, your UTV might also be street legal. A GPS unit can steer you through town directly to a great place to eat or an interesting attraction. This is an excellent tool to have handy when you’re in unfamiliar territory and just want to bring your machine down off the trail for a quick bite to eat or another diversion.

A GPS is an excellent tool to have handy when you’re in unfamiliar territory and just want to bring your machine down off the trail for a quick bite to eat or another diversion if your UTV is street legal (as long as you’ve got the right setup and local laws permit it). We have many types of GPS systems, but we also have several different mounts as well. Some offer a quick-and-easy solution that allows you to remove your unit for other purposes. Others have a sleek, fully integrated installation process that will make it look like your GPS unit was built specifically for your side-by-side. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find the ideal mount here.

Take a moment to check out our selection of GPS systems and related accessories. Buy one today to get your UTV ready for your next excursion.

Latest GPS/Navigation Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polaris Interactive Digital Display Accessory Harness

    Kylie in UT

    Polaris harness

    Its amazing other than on occasion the volume freezes and tries to turn up later when you're least expecting it.

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  • Garmin Montana 680 GPS

    Daniel in NV

    Old school, but effective.

    With a device like this, you need to know what to expect. First, the bad. It's a short but important list: the interface is clunky at first, the device has no wireless connectivity (everything must be transferred via USB), and loading free maps is a bit of a chore (though Garmin's paid maps are, of course, easy enough). Now for the things that I appreciate about the device: - The powered mount (GPS city .com SKU RAMB149ZAMONT) is awesome. The device clicks in and never budges, and because the charging is built into the mount, you never need to worry about destroying your charging ports via too much vibration. - Sunlight readable screen. You can read the screen no problem no matter how bright the day and from all reasonable angles -Free maps from www gpsfiledepot com cover most of the united states - support for KML files (georeferenced PDFs) -The device is RUGGED with a capital RUGGED. I ride in the desert in temps of 110F at times, and unlike the cell phones I've tried, the device has never once overheated or had any heat related issues. I've ridden through rainstorms with it, same deal. -Resistive touch screen so you can use it with ANY glove

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  • Can-Am Electronic Device Holder

    Robert in SD

    Device holder

    Really like it and easy to install. Holds my iPad mini perfectly. Able to plug while traveling. The extra storage compartment is great.

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  • Polaris Ride Command 7" Display Mounting Kit

    James in GA

    Easy install

    Very easy to install. Everything is already setup for it. Just lay harness in place and a few zip ties

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  • Polaris Ride Command 7" Display

    Jon in Georgia

    Supreme quality

    Awesome product, another great product from Polaris, high quality, best fit and finish, will purchase again!!

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  • Ram Mounts Universal Quick-Grip Phone Holder

    Neil in OH

    Fantastically safe. Can mount to handlebars well wi...

    A few zip ties mount this very well to the padded ProTaper handlebar of my DR200. No additional pieces needed, as long as you are cool with being a tad hacky. Absolutely wonderful for stability. The phone would be the last thing to fall off the bike.

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