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  • Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bags V1.7

    Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bags V1.7

    Mike in AZ

    Probably the best enduro bags on the market

    I've used these and countless others on many different style of motos. These fit EVERYTHING with ease and minimal (if any) adjustment. Highly recommended and worth every penny.

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  • Wolfman Wolfy Tool Roll

    Wolfman Wolfy Tool Roll

    Joseph in FL

    Works for what I needed

    I used Rollie to hold spare parts such as clutch-brake-shift levers. The fender bag mounted on rear rack holds tools

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  • Wolfman Day Tripper Saddle Bags V1.7

    Wolfman Day Tripper Saddle Bags V1.7

    Keith in TX

    Great Bags!

    Great bags, very durable. I’ve used these bags for years. I met the owner at the 2018 Ktm Rally. Spent time with my bike mounting this and another bag i had purchased. Super guy and stands by his products. There are tank bags, tail bags all sorts of bags to put on your bike. This is THE ADV bag to get!

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  • Wolfman Enduro Fender Bag

    Wolfman Enduro Fender Bag


    Holds up way better than expected, just a bit small

    I bought this pouch and expected to strap it to my front fender but decided to cut off the straps and BOLT it to my rear fender (and carry my KTM tool pouch in it, and THAT'S ALL that fits in it) because the new KTM fenders are even more misshapen than before and I worried the straps would not hold for the rough off road needs of Western PA. I must say the product is holding up very well, although it is a water catcher, so I remove my tool set before washing the bike after every ride and let everything air dry until next ride. Definitely not disappointed in this product, but do wish it was a little larger.

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  • Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag V1.7

    Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag V1.7

    Pierre in AZ

    nice tank bag

    The enduro bag fits perfectly on the 701 seat. I have the Rade Garage aux tank and it fits right behind the gas cap. I was able to loop the straps around the frame with a girth hitch so I only have to squeeze the clips to remove it and the mounting straps stay in place for seat removal or re-installing the bag. Its a really nice size to fit lots of stuff in without interfering with your body position or looking obese.

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  • Wolfman Vinyl Repair Kit

    Wolfman Vinyl Repair Kit

    Michael in CA

    Buy this now, thank me later

    For all the benefits that soft luggage provides, durability will always be less than their hard sided cousins. Luckily, if you poke a hole in your bag it won't take a welder to fix it! The kit is pretty basic, which is exactly what you want. It's the exact same material that wolfman made your bag our of so durability of the patch should be the same as the bag itself.

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