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Latest Ride-On Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Ride-On Motorcycle Tire Balancer & Sealant

    John Indiana in AZ

    '13 KLR 650 Ride On Tire Sealant and Balancer

    Watched this youtube video: Ride-On Tire Sealant = Indestructible Tires! (almost...) (sorry but not allowed to post link) before I bought and it convinced me to try. Goes in easy and balances wheels very nicely with NO wheel weights (just over 5000 mi. now). I'm using inside tubes. Zero flats or leaks so far between 75% on road and 25% off road. Highly recommend.

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  • Ride-On ATV Tire Sealant

    Robert in PA

    Def does not balance

    Just bought the tusk terrabite tires and wasatch wheels with the option to have ride on put in them alrdy.. well let me tell you it doesnt balance what so wver.. when i’m on a road and go over 35 the wheel starts to wobble a bit with that stuff just sloshing around.. i spent $50 extra to get a wobble? Makes no sense.. not to mention you cant balance them with a machine with that stuff in them

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