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dirt bike Protective Gear

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  • EVS SB03 Shoulder Brace

    Jason in UT


    Very comfortable to ride or race with. I even used it while trying to recover from a rotator cuff issue

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  • Leatt 5.5 Body Protector

    Jimmy in ID

    Great protection. Very Comfortable. Paid for itself...

    I chose the Leatt 5.5 Body Protector after trying on the Leatt 6.5 body protector, the Alpinestars Bionic V-tech 2 and several other pressure suits and chest protectors. Both the Leatt 5.5 and the Alpinestars Bionic V-tech fit really good and were comfortable (unlike the Leatt 6.5 for me at least) But the 5.5 seemed to have way better protection all over but especially in the rib area than the AS Bionic V-tech. The Leatt 6.5 had good rib protection but did not fit me like the 5.5 does. I liked the 6.5 because it was 2 pieces where the 5.5 is one piece. It is a little more difficult to put on and maybe a little fragile with the small zipper and thin fabric that holds it all together so you have to take your time and be careful. But it paid for itself in the first week of owning it as I took a pretty good fall in the hard pack dirt and I am 100% sure it saved me from breaking my elbow and possibly my shoulder due to the fact that the hard shell elbow/forearm and shoulder protection stayed in place. I still bruised both shoulder and elbow and got my bell rung but I got back on the bike and didn't go to the hospital. IMO it's worth every penny I spent on it. I'm 5'7'' and about 160 and I bought the large.

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  • Troy Lee 7855 Protective Long Sleeve Shirt

    Pete in MT

    Good Shirt

    Really like the fit of the jacket. The armor is fitted and stays in place nicely. It has a hard shell on the outside and should give good protection if/when it is needed.

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  • Leatt Roost Tee

    Kellie in SC

    Impressive, and fits for women too!

    As a more endowed woman, it's been nearly impossible to find roost protection that I didn't completely hate, much less one I actually liked. The hard plastic ones were always uncomfortable (even the ones "made for women"). They would move and ride up, making me uncomfortable and irritated. A lot of the under jersey options were still too stiff to adjust around areas I needed it to adjust around but the Leatt nails it. It's super comfortable and light enough I can't really tell I'm wearing it. The only complaint I have, and the reason I took off a notch for comfort was because the bottom of the padding rubs a little if I'm leaned forward a lot but I usually wear a tank top anyways so not a major deal and it's still soft enough that it doesn't bother me. It also has a lot to do with my shape. I'll definitely be buying this again should this one see its final days.

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  • Moose Racing XC1 Body Armor

    Gerard in CA

    Great Product

    Worn and washed this product multiple times. It has held up well. The fabric stretches nicely to remove and replace the armor when washing. Snug when you are putting it on but flexes without tearing.

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  • EVS Ballistic Pro Jersey

    Shawn in OR

    Worth the money

    Comfortable and seems protective enough. Only a couple minor cashes in it so far but happy with my purchase

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