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Oakley tear offs

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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Film

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Film

    Michael in CA

    A must have for racing

    This system is great! Beats grabbing a bunch of tear offs at once when you didn’t mean to and then your stuck with none!!

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  • 100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    100% Accuri/Racecraft/Strata Replacement Lens

    Zachariah in OR

    Good lenses

    Does what I wanted them to do. Keeps the glare out and still allows good visibility in the shade.

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  • VSN 2.0 Replacement Lens

    VSN 2.0 Replacement Lens

    darrin in OK

    Decent , but Beware....

    I bought a few sets of the VSN's last year or year before when RMATV had them and bought a lot of replacement lens . I figured they were good for mud races and backups to my 100% Racecraft's that were 5 times the price. Well they quit selling them a while back , so now I see they have them again, but called VSN 2.0. I was excited so I bought like 10 replacement lens and guess what ? They arent the same size as the VSN's they sold last year. So I just ordered the VSN 2.0 goggle so I could use all they lens I just bought.

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  • Scott Works Prospect/Fury Standard Tear-Offs

    Scott Works Prospect/Fury Standard Tear-Offs

    Cody in WV

    Must Have for Mud Races

    I am not a fan of roll off systems, therefore I use the tear offs. These work great. I am able to stack on quite a few before vision becomes cloudy which helps me keep my goggles on longer. I definitely recommend having a backup set of goggles so you can have a full, fresh set when you pit for fuel. Easy to install and use.

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  • Scott Works Prospect/Fury Replacement Lens

    Scott Works Prospect/Fury Replacement Lens

    Cody in WV

    Highly Recommend

    I usually have a difficult time finding goggles that are comfortable as well as durable. These goggles check both boxes so I was glad to see they offer replacement lenses. I have currently been running the same four sets of frames for three years now and usually get a full season out of a lens. I will continue to replace the lenses as needed until I need new frames or stumble upon another well-fitting goggle.

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  • Scott Works System Replacement Film Pack

    Scott Works System Replacement Film Pack


    Work good.

    These work really well for rainy days. Keep the goggles clear.

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