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Protective Gear

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Protective Gear

Jerseys, jackets, pants, and boots – they all provide protection on your ride, but did you know there is still more you can do to avoid serious injury? Protective gear is a great addition to every riding ensemble, greatly enhancing your safety and security.

When it comes to protective gear, there are a lot of options. A great thing about the additional security is that it applies to a wide variety of activities. So, if you indulge in more than one type of riding, you can utilize some of the same gear – protection is protection. With base-layer shorts and shirts, body armor, protection jackets, and vests, you can pick the most comfortable and effective method for you personally. Another great benefit of protective gear is that most parts can be easily replaced. We stock and ship several brands of knee/elbow reinforcers, hip protectors, elbow armor, etc., so browse our collection if you’re ever looking to update your gear. The simple, extra layer could make all the difference in an accident.

Staying safe on your ride is all about being prepared, so take some time today to get familiar with our selection of protective gear. Reliable and durable, any new gear you order from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will have you feeling comfortable and secure, ready to handle the unexpected twists and turns of your ride.

Latest Protective Gear Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • EVS Ballistic Pro Jersey

    Greg in CO

    Great fit & light weight

    Great fit & quality. Feels light and flexible when you’re wearing it, have yet to crash in it. Slightly longer in length, exactly what I was looking for so it will stay tucked and down. Also bigger shoulder pads to cover a bit further up my shoulders and towards my neck. I wanted to have my Ogio flight vest to rub less on the top of my shoulders, and help cover the end of my shoulder bone (separated shoulder right side). Material feels soft and smooth enough to try no shirt under this.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Action Protection Jacket

    Camille in CO

    Perfect Summer Jacket

    Mesh is soft and feels fine on bare skin. Elbows have plenty of range - not bunchy at all. Very breathable. The back is not too stiff. Overall very happy with this product. Reading the care for the jacket it’s a little more delicate than I thought it would be but I will gladly go out of my way to not throw it into the back of the truck if it means I can ride protected with a breeze! Disappointed there’s not a women’s version (although it would for sure be pink - boo) but ordering a size up to account for the hips worked well. And I really don’t mind looking and feeling like a superhero.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Tech Protection Jacket

    JAMES in NC

    Too Hot

    Well made, but too hot for slow speed enduro type riding. Anything above 70 degrees and you're sweating like crazy. It would probably be great for Adventure riding or dual sports where you have more air flow. But for tight single track in hot weather, this jack wears too hot for me.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Tech V2 Protection Jacket

    JAMES in NC

    V-2 is much better than the Original

    I had the previous generation (original) Alpine Star Bionic Tech jacket and it was great for enduro riding in cooler weather. But when temps were above 70, it was way too hot for the slow single track woods riding that I do in North Carolina. The boy armor panels had almost no vents. Maybe okay for dual sport or adventure riding, but too hot for enduros. The V-2 version of the jacket is vented and it works really well. I've ridden in 80 degree, humid weather and it wasn't too bad. I like that the breast plate can be removed, the kidney belt is positioned lower and the arm openings are better. I really like the long length of the spine protector. (I injured my lower back last year while using a traditional-style Leatt protector. I didn't give the V-2 a 5 Star rating because the only color is black. I sure wish it came in a lighter color...because of the heat issues here in steamy NC. I've only had it a few weeks, so I can't speak to its durability. Alpine Star gear is premium priced, but it appears to be good quality.

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  • Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector

    Amy in NY

    Great coverage, not to fun to clean and reassemble

    Good protection. The zipper is hard to zip up and comes unzip on the neck sometimes when I ride. I wish I would have ordered a size up might fix the zipper issue. It is not fun to wash and reassemble, have to be careful not to rip the areas plastic connects through. Besides those negative it has full protection, light weight and not super hot to wear under a jersey. Very good coverage

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  • Moose Racing XC1 Body Armor

    Matt in WA

    love this body armor!

    I bought this to replace another brand of body armor that I liked but was too bulky and cut off circulation to my arms when riding with a back pack, and was really too hot especially on a warm day although provided excellent protection, I am a trail rider and this Moose Body Armor is a dream to ride in! fits perfect, not too hot, and no more cutting off circulation to my arms with the pack on, not bulky at all and even forget I have it on once riding, protection still feels great. I am 6'1 250 lbs. and I bought the largest size offered the XXL, I wear an XXL T-shirt and this fits perfect.

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