USWE Riding Gear

USWE Riding Gear

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  • USWE GP Helmet Handsfree Kit

    USWE GP Helmet Handsfree Kit

    Joseph in TX

    Makes me drink more!

    It took a little getting used to but once I did I loved it. I noticed that i drink much more without slowing down with this! If using this with another brand of hydro pack, purchase the extension hose as well. This would not work with hose that was on my pack but I was able to make it all work with the extension.

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  • USWE Replacement Drink Tube

    USWE Replacement Drink Tube

    Joseph in TX

    Needed for handsfree setup

    I needed this to modify my fly racing water pack to work with the USWE hands free kit. Those made it all work well.

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  • USWE XC Hydration Pack

    USWE XC Hydration Pack

    abe in AZ

    Water pack

    Do not buy this pack. Fit is horrid. Rides way to high. holds about 2 sips of water. I say again horrid fit for any size person

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  • USWE Bite Valve Elbow

    USWE Bite Valve Elbow

    Matt in CA

    Good for a replacement

    I purchased this to replace the one lost off of my USWE hydration pack. The on off feature is a waste on this one and should be omitted or at least offer one for less money which doesn't have that option.

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  • USWE Refill Bladders - 5 Pack

    USWE Refill Bladders - 5 Pack

    JEFF in CA

    Not very durable

    The bladder that came with my pack was tough. These replacements are not. TIP - keep your bladder clean and free from growth by flushing it with warm water and them filling it with 6 parts water and 1 part cheap vodka. Be sure to get the solution in the hoses and bite valve also. I store my bladder filled with this solution. The vodka kills anything growing and prevents future growth. Just be sure to flush it out and refill before your next ride.

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  • USWE Shape-Shift Reversible/Reuseable Bladder

    USWE Shape-Shift Reversible/Reuseable Bladder

    simon in CA


    Top of the line hydration bladder. If your current bladder pops or the mouth piece is a crap this company will not disapoint! Easy to open and close when filling with liquid. Mouth peice works great everytime.

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