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  • USWE Ranger 9 Hydration Pack

    Dan in CA

    Awesome day/trail pack

    I absolutely love my USWE Ranger 9 pack! This is the third USWE pack that I have bought for my family. My favorite thing is their NDM harness. It works as advertised. Once I put the pack on, I forget all about it. It molds to my body and never moves. I take long trail rides and this is a perfect size. Holds my tools, snacks, water, and a jacket. Not too big, not too small. Good value because the water bladder is included.

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  • USWE Ranger 3 Hydration Pack

    jesse in NC

    Great light weight pack.

    I bought it for a GNCC race. The external pocket is detachable if you want to be lighter, but its presence opens up the versatility. Ive found myself using it when i want a lighter pack and for mountain biking. Would reccomend this one over the uswe outlander 2l which is the same pack but w/o external pocket.

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  • USWE Refill Bladders - 5 Pack

    Jeffrey in NH

    Just refills

    Keep in mind that they do not come with the hose, bite vale or cap to accept a drink hose. they are not as tough as the shape shift or the bladder coming with packs. it's made cheaply for a reason. if you turtle the seams can and will probably burst. you should purchase first and then buy the appropriate refill to replace.

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  • USWE Bite Valve Elbow

    Nick in SC

    just what I needed

    My original bite valve got pulled off by some brush in a tight single track section at the National Enduro. So I ordered this one. The new one has a switch to close off the valve which is a nice feature.

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  • USWE Tanker 16 Offroad Backpack

    Paul in BC

    Awesome harness but....

    I purchased this pack after doing a lot of research and reading reviews of the no dancing monkey harness. The harness is amazing. It's easy to forget you have a pack on and it definitely hugs your back well. However the storage on the pack had some oversight. The smaller zip up compartment is so deep and lacking separation that it's easy for stuff to sink to the bottom and then you have to pull everything out to find what you're looking for. The same can be said for the smaller compartments within the front space. Too deep and stuff gets swallowed. I ordered the pack and then did some price checking. Slavens racing has the same pack for $40 cheaper. I phoned RMATV to inquire about the price difference and to see if they would match the price or perhaps give me a store credit. I was told I would receive a reply shortly. I'm still waiting for that reply a week later. I'm used to the excellent customer service from RMATV and am a little disappointed that as a long time customer my concern was dismissed so quickly.

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  • USWE Ranger 4 Hydration Pack

    Zachary in MI

    Straps aren't huge...

    Good quality drink system, but if you are going to wear a roost guard under your jersey or under it over your jersey be warned the straps are not super long. I am 200lbs with a 48inch chest and they barely reach....

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