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Risk Racing

Latest Risk Racing Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Risk Racing Premium Utility Jug Spout with Hose Bender

    Erik in WA


    Bad design. At least for a pontoon boat. Spills fuel all over.

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  • Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Moto Transport System

    Matt in CO

    Makes loading quick and easy, worth the money

    Easy to install, check out RM's video... getting the installation position right is key to easy loading. You don't need any straps or front wheel chock. For our WR450F and KLX250S you don't need to remove them, simply fold the shifter back and they JUST squeak through (when loading and unloading). For shorter bikes with pegs lower to the ground you may need an inch or two of wood under the rear wheel to raise the pegs - to get better tension (a 2x6 works great on our KLX250S). Once you unload, leave the clamps in their "up" position and screw in the bits for the locking pins... then next time you load it is literally as simple as: - Push the bike in - Sit on the bike - Clamp it down These also free up extra storage room near the front wheels in our trailer since there isn't any straps or chocks in the way. The front suspension is compressed less than with straps (similar to using a fork saver). Despite less pressure on the front tire, it still keeps it from moving side to side... but even if it did - the way it squats the bike from the pegs will prevent any mishaps. I even left my front wheel slightly to the side one trip to make room for other items. Are they expensive, yes. Is it worth it, yes. Convenience is worth the money sometimes, not to mention leaky fork seals can ruin a riding day or camping trip... and are time consuming to replace (if you do it yourself) or just expensive if you don't.

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  • Risk Racing RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand

    Steve in WA

    Nice Stand

    Really need to buy the Rubber mat base or else it will slide away from bike making it difficult to use by yourself, Without the mat someone will need to hold the stand while you load.

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  • Risk Racing Palm Protectors

    MACEY in IL

    Palm savers

    Awesome palm savers! I’ve ordered a few other brands but these hold up way better than the others.

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  • Risk Racing Factory Pit Mat

    JUSTIN in UT

    Short mat but durable

    Just ok mat. It’s smaller than I thought it would be. Don’t know why they can’t make them the length of the bike. If I could find another mat I would have gotten another but didn’t find anything else. It’s durable. Just too short.

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  • Risk Racing Fork Seal Doctor

    JEREMY in NV

    Save your seals!!

    Recommended on YouTube by multiple users, tried it and works great!! Highly recommend!! Seals stopped leaking after 1st use!

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