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  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    William in WA

    Great looking, comfortable seat.

    A great seat for dual-sporting. When you are not standing on the trails, just slide back to the wide spot, and your butt will like it! Because of the price, it took me a couple of years to buy one; but after about 20 minutes of more sore butt. If I were taller, I would have ordered the tall seat for even more padding. The stock height is still pretty comfortable. The price kept it from getting 5 stars.

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  • Seat Concepts Race 2.0 Seat Cover

    Seat Concepts Race 2.0 Seat Cover

    Daniel in IN

    Great looking and preforming gripper seat cover!

    Awesome seat! It looks great, fits well and grips fantastic in the really muddy conditions and over all a great seat cover. Mine fit right over the stock seat foam with now modifications!

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  • Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit With Pan Pocket

    Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit With Pan Pocket

    Greg in UT

    Not a bad install and looks fine

    I bought this instead of the full seat because it was cheaper. After watching a few online videos, I figured I could install the cover. The installation went fine and the seat looks great. I haven't ridden on it much yet, so I can't comment on the comfort, but I'm sure it will be better than stock. If you choose this option, here are a few tips to make the install go smoothly: -Buy an air stapler. it makes the install much easier than using a manual stapler. -Spend the time to thoroughly clean the pan after removing the stock cover. It will allow for better adhesion of the new foam and prevent potential bulging. -Put the cover in the sun for awhile to soften it up. It stretches over the pad much easier. -When stretching the sides to staple them, work from side to side, ensuring that the cover is centered all the way down. I put a staple about every 4-5 inches at first just to get the cover in place, then went back and put more staples in between after the placement was set. -Dry fit the seat on the bike before adding more staples and trimming excess material in case you need to redo something. -Don't over-stretch the cover or it will compress the foam and reduce comfort. -Use stainless steel staples to prevent rusting over time. Overall, it looks like a good seat option. I'm going to be doing some long rides this summer, so I hope it helps the comfort level!

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  • Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Glenn in AZ

    Nice upgrade

    As far as do it yourself projects go this one wasn’t too bad. Bear in mind, you will need a power stapler to make this job easier. Stapling through the plastic seat pan would be really hard with a hand stapler. Just follow the enclosed instructions and take your time and you shouldn’t have any issues. I went with the lower pad option and it’s plenty comfortable on my DRZ 400 S.

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  • Seat Concepts Supergrip Seat Cover

    Seat Concepts Supergrip Seat Cover

    David in NV

    Great seat cover

    Fits great, looks good. Love the cover

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