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Seat Concepts

Latest Seat Concepts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Seat Concepts Complete Seat

    Jim in CO


    Better than a stock seat. Install was really easy and is more comfortable than the stock seat. Am glad I replaced it now my butt hurts less on really long rides or after days of riding

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  • Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit

    Christopher in CA

    Xr650l best seat upgrade

    An amazing upgrade to the bike, a firmer seat with a bit wider platform farther back, does not interfere in the standing position, and when you need to sit its quite comfortable, i spent over 10hrs on this seat in one day on and off road, and it was great! (No pain) Would never been able to do that on the stack seat

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  • Seat Concepts Supergrip Seat Cover

    Stephen in CA

    Sticky Buns

    Wow, grip everywhere on this seat cover. Sides, top and even ribs on the color bands of the seat where you sit. You will stay planted on your seat. Period. This is my second seat cover by Seat Concepts. It was a bit harder to put on compared to the Seat Concepts 2.0 but oh so worth it. Buy one and you won't believe the difference over a stock seat cover. Two thumbs up!

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  • Seat Concepts Complete Element Seat

    Nikolaj in CO

    Amazing replacement

    Awesome seat. It’s pricy but worth it - it’s much more comfortable than stock and the material gives some great grip

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  • Seat Concepts Race 2.0 Seat Cover

    Stephen in CA

    Seat Concepts 2.0

    Seats Concepts offers a great seat cover. This thing grips. Period. I had so much more confidence on the bike feeling planted in the seat. I bought a second one for my back-up bike. Quality is top notch and with the right tools I had the cover on in 15 minutes max. Do yourself a favor and buy one. You will be amazed in the difference from stock to the Seat Concepts 2.0

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  • Seat Concepts Seat Cover and Foam Kit With Pan Pocket

    robert in AZ

    Seat Concepts comfort standard height

    Seat Concepts Comfort is the best option after much research and comparison. The foam is miles above others as far as comfort! The gripper top is way better for holding your position on the seat. If your considering this seat, "buy it" you wont regret it! And if you are doing it yourself (cover and foam kit) do yourself a favor and buy the harbor freight pneumatic staple gun! They tell you which one on their site. And use stainless steel staples. Use the plastic liner that comes with kit so every thing it water proofed. And if your worried if it's too wide, it's just right! You don't really notice it. This is the standard height comfort seat kit with gripper top and carbon look sides as pictured on a sxf 350. Throw away that stock seat and get this, your butt and back will thank you!

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