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Latest Shinko Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Shinko E-805 Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Chris in MO

    Excellent tire at a reasonable price!

    Installed the 805 on my klr in spring of 2019, removed 3/2020 at 7500 with another new 805. It easily had another 1000-1500 road miles left in it, but wanted to start the season on new rubber. Seems to be a really good match to the KLR and my riding style. Spent a lot more time on the road last year than expected and didn’t expect it to last as long as it did. Good handling wet and dry on the road. No noise, vibration, or issues. Corners and brakes well on the road. No complaints. Off-road for me, mostly gravel roads, conservation roads, 2 track, some single track was all quite good and well pleased. The tread design not being staggers means it doesn’t side hill in anything wet or loose well at all. But it will plow through wet and loose things if little side angle. I’m not that aggressive with it off-road, and have been well pleased with what I have done with the 805. Seems a good value and match to the KLR. I Liked it enough to install another. The 804 up front is another story, avoid that tire!

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  • Shinko E-804 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Chris in MO

    I have a love hate relationship with the 804

    Overall 2.5 stars I gave this tire a good long run and there are things I like and things I don’t. Installed new and removed at 8000 miles on my 2008 KLR650 with a surprising amount of tread left. Likes: Wears like iron. Had 8000 miles with a lot of paved highway use. Keep it on the low 30 psi range for pavement for long life. Handles on rode very well, wet or dry, better than it looks like it would and the 60/40 designation would suggest. Didn’t vibrate or make much sound on pavement. Turns great, is light to steer, and very flickable on road. Decent true off-road performance. Mud and sand very average at best as expected. Dislikes: I found this tire absolutely awful on gravel roads, which is primarily why I bought the KLR and this tire to ride on. Feels like the front was on marbles. Even aired down to 20 psi. It never felt planted or solid on any gravel. Whether it be graded, primitive, deep gravel or any other combo, it just didn’t work for me. I had a Shinko 705 before the 804 and it was infinitely more sure footed on gravel roads of all types even though it looks like a street tire. Only way I’d recommend this tire is if you like the aggressive look of the big block design, but don’t actually go off road.

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  • Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Samson in NC


    Excellent product totally worth the price and long lasting. Would definitely recommend it

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  • Shinko F546 Soft-Intermediate Tire

    Daniel in VA

    great replacement

    I bought this tire to replace the 50/50's on my dual sport since I use it exclusively off road around my farm. Once I had these tires on, I felt like I could just about drag a knee out in my fields. great traction, would recommend.

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  • Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    john in TN

    Great d/s tire for more woods than road

    Used it on DRZ previously. Great feel and grip on wet/muddy and intermediate single track and OK traction on pavement. Great price vs same GoldenTyre Fatty. Same tire near as I kind find

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  • Shinko R525 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Ryan in CA

    Great tire IF YOU GET THE 120

    DO NOT GET THE 110, GET THE 120 Great traction, breaking, and wear. Compound is hard enough to not tear off knobs and wear fast, but soft enough to grip on wet rocks and logs. 110 size blocks are thin, wears alot faster. Very happy on the 120

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