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  • Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boots

    nathan in VA

    Not as good as they use to be. Had to send them back.

    Well I have run Sidi crossfire boots for about 15yrs or should I say had the same pair untill they finally fell apart. So I order an new pair of CF ta 3's. But I also had bought a pair of sg12 to see which ones I liked better. Started wearing the sg12 cause they came first. And thought they were a little bulky and had to adjust levers and stuff to be happy. But they were comfortable. And super night quality. Then I got the crossfire 3's and I was glad I had also bought the first pair. 1st they run small. 2nd they were just as heavy as the sg12. 3rd the plastic was so thin and flexible that I figured I would twist my ankle in these. They have hinge points but the plastic was so thin and flexible that the hinges didn't move and the plastic would bow and bend and buckle in stead of working properly. In my opinion. Sidi has lost its quality. I sent them back they in my opinion we're not a top tier boot and not quality enough for what I would have put them through. They are pretty comfy on your feet tho.

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  • Sidi X-3 SRS Boots

    joseph in CA

    very tight uncomfortable

    super narrow foot, pretty uncomfortable compared to my old alpinestar tech 7.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 3 Click SRS Replacement Soles

    Cale in WA

    Looks great! Brand new boots again.

    Was a bit of a challenge to install them. Make sure you have a Dremel on Hand because you will need to widen out the heads for the regular screw driver. I would highly recommend buying the replacement screws.

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  • Sidi X-3 Boots

    roland in WA

    Pleasantly surprised.

    I purchased these on a whim, my first pair of Sidi's. I ride every weekend and wear out the left sole of all my boots. This x3 sole has held up better than my Gaerne's that I really like. X3 is a compact boot and very comfortable. I trash my stuff off road. Boot quality has been flawless, buckles work excellent with no failure's. Very light boot. Buy them.

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  • Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Sole Screws

    Jerott in UT

    OEM part

    Getting the factory screws out can be a bit of work if they've been in there a while. But totally doable.

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  • Sidi Trial Zero.1 Boots

    Timothy in OR

    RMATVMC Sizing Chart does not correlate with the ac...

    I am basing my 5 star review on the multiple Sidi Crossfire boot that I have had over the years. The boots are always well constructed, fit well and last for may years.; as they should for the price. In regards to the Sidi-Trial- Zero, the boots look well constructed with lots of leather, good protection in the shin area and secure buckles. However, with that said I was not able to wear the boots. According to the sizing chart RMATVMC has with this product for a size 12 US I needed to order a size 46 boot. Upon receiving the boot the internal SIDI tag clearly states a size 46 is equivalent to US size 11.5. I tried to boots on to see if they ran large and nope they feel like a size 11.5 not a size 12. At this point i got off my lazy but and checked my Crossfire boots and they are a size 47; i should have looked my SIDI Crossfires in the first place. I will be returning the boots to RMATVMC in hopes of getting a size 47.

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