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  • Sidi Trial Zero.1 Boots

    Sidi Trial Zero.1 Boots

    Timothy in OR

    RMATVMC Sizing Chart does not correlate with the ac...

    I am basing my 5 star review on the multiple Sidi Crossfire boot that I have had over the years. The boots are always well constructed, fit well and last for may years.; as they should for the price. In regards to the Sidi-Trial- Zero, the boots look well constructed with lots of leather, good protection in the shin area and secure buckles. However, with that said I was not able to wear the boots. According to the sizing chart RMATVMC has with this product for a size 12 US I needed to order a size 46 boot. Upon receiving the boot the internal SIDI tag clearly states a size 46 is equivalent to US size 11.5. I tried to boots on to see if they ran large and nope they feel like a size 11.5 not a size 12. At this point i got off my lazy but and checked my Crossfire boots and they are a size 47; i should have looked my SIDI Crossfires in the first place. I will be returning the boots to RMATVMC in hopes of getting a size 47.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

    Christopher in KS


    if youre looking for the most protection this is probably it. boot is a bit too rigid with all the plastic and doesnt have much feedback from shifter or pedal. soles are super slick in mud and when replacing after a couple years the boots tend to break the part that the tabs slide under.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 3 TA Boots

    Greg in IN

    Excellent Boots

    I watched the video Chase did on the Sidi boots, and he said the foot bed was narrower than other boots, and that's why I bought them. I currently own a pair of Tech7s and the Sidi is a tad more narrow. I walked around the house in them for a couple hours and after one ride they felt broke in. I have great feel of my controls, and they feel great with my knee braces. They don't squeak when you walk in them either. Over the past 35 years ive owned many different brands, but I'm now a Sidi guy for sure.

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  • Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Sole Screws

    Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Sole Screws

    Jeff in CA

    This is only a 10 pack, boots have 17 each

    Considering The boots were over $500 being able to renew the soles is great! If you look at the photo you can see mine were pretty far gone. My only complaint is that there are only 10 new screws in the pack. Getting the old ones out is difficult and I had to use a small screwdriver to scrape the slots in the old screws to get the large screwdriver to fit. I had some i was unable to turn but was able to pry the sole over them and then use pliers to turn them out. It's obvious how much easier the new screws turn when replacing compared to the old ones which are difficult due to the slots being worn. If there were 34 in a pack it'd be a 5 star rating.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

    Peter in NY

    If you want the very best

    Off the [email protected]%king charts quality, comfort and protection!!! You get what you pay for. No break-in period necessary. I use these for woods riding. The optional enduro sole, with more grip, is genius, though honestly the stock soles are fine for most woods riding. I also have Sidi cycling shoes. An amazing company dedicated to making only the very best footwear. I have normal width feet and usually wear a size 10 shoe/sneaker. Size 44 fit me perfectly.

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  • Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Soles

    Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Soles

    Ryan in UT


    Stoked that sidi offers this product. A small challenge to replace but cheaper than a new set of boots

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