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  • Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Steahly Heavy Flywheel Weight

    Perry in Tennessee

    bike had no lowend now she comes alive like a new one

    just installed the 10oz weight on my cr 125 when it was restored had no low end i done everything to get more out of it but couldnt so i thought why not lets try this should have in the first place but didnt an now u can take off in third gear like its nothing for it to do an it took me 10 mins to put on really good investment for me thanks again rocky for haveing what i need

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  • Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    Steahly Engine Lock Up Tool

    James in MO

    Beats the 'string' trick

    Very handy esp for those of us with a Steahly flywheel weight where a typical flywheel holder would be used otherwise. Does what it should---keeps the crank from moving via soft (plastic) pressure on the piston head as it comes up.

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  • Steahly Kickstand

    Steahly Kickstand

    Jeffrey in CA

    Great kickstand.

    This is a must have if you do a lot of trail riding. We ride the woods and desert a lot and my sons bike didn’t come with a kickstand. Makes his life a lot easier. Perfect fit too.

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  • Steahly Replacement Kickstand Spring

    Steahly Replacement Kickstand Spring

    Braden in ID

    Broke 2 already

    In about 6 rides my son has broken this part twice.... not very durable. Can't figure out why it's breaking.

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