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  • Stegz Steg Pegz

    Stegz Steg Pegz

    Ham in CA

    Helped with arm pump and feeling more connected to ...

    I put these on a 2018 Yz450fx but rocky mountain does not list these for my bike so I just ordered the ones for a 2017 Yz450f since they are essentially the same bike and they fit perfectly. I have had a little bit of time on them now and the biggest difference I felt was I felt more attached to the bike. Especially in the fast desert stuff I felt a lot more stable. As far as arm pump these did help a little bit but that wasn't my main reason for purchasing these. Also In other reviews I noticed some people complain about the pegz grabbing your boot in the slow technical stuff, for me since im running the smaller pegz it wasn't much of an issue. Overall I recommend these they are a bit over priced but I think worth it especially if your a desert rider.

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  • Stegz Steg Pegz Replacement Rubber Puck Kit

    Stegz Steg Pegz Replacement Rubber Puck Kit

    Tony in UT

    add these to your Stegz Pegz

    I use these to double up the height of the pucks. Really gives your boots a good grip.

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