UTV Boots From Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Looking for a good set of UTV boots? There are a number of important qualities to consider when it comes to checking out new boots:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Movement
  • Ankle support
  • Breathability
  • Water resistance

Of course, trail riding in a UTV means that your boots need to perform just as well when you’re on the trail in your machine as when you’re taking a moment to photograph a scenic vista or helping your buddy make a quick repair.

Shopping for boots can get even more complicated if you need to consider other uses you might need them for. As an example, what if you have another powersport vehicle? Why shouldn’t your UTV boot work just as effectively regardless of what machine you choose to ride for the day?

If you take a holistic approach to shopping for UTV boots by taking into account all of these considerations, you’ll be pleased by the selection you’ll find here. We’ve taken great efforts to identify some of the best boots on the market and make them available to you at the low prices you expect from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Take a moment to check out our inventory and find a pair of UTV boots that’s perfect for you.

Latest UTV Boots Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Gaerne SG-10 Boots

    Nick in MO


    Great boot! Had previously only ridden in cheap Fly Racing boots so I don't have much to compare them to. That said, extremely comfortable, great construction and look. Boot feels really solid without being clunky. Squeaky when you are walking around but doesn't bother me at all. Rode 2 hr 40 min harescramble for my first ride in these boots and had only one hot spot on top of my ankle and that was mostly due to overtightening. Highly reccomend!!

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  • Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    Gaerne GX-1 Boots

    Steve in AZ

    Excellent Boot

    Nice boot. Fairly stiff at first but breaking in nicely. Craftsmanship looks excellent...I expect them to last an eon.

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  • AXO Drone Boots

    AXO Drone Boots

    Jacob in FL

    got em for the gf

    fits well and comfortable, not too heavy either for a cheaper boot!

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  • Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    Matthew in NC


    I've raced and rode in the Alpinestar Tech-8 boots for as long as I can remember because they have always held together well for me, however now that i've tried these Gaerne SG-12's i'm not turning back. Unbeatable comfort and although I haven't worn them but a little over half a season, they have taken some definite abuse and still look like new. I recommend these boots to everyone I ride with.

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  • Forma Terrain EVO Boots

    Forma Terrain EVO Boots

    LUCAS in ID

    Great for people who don't ride.

    I can't fit knee/shin guards under them. I have HUGE calves though, they are bigger than a lot of guy's thighs. I had tech 7s and tech 3s before these boots. The Formas look and feel better built, the buckles work 100X better than the tech 3 or 7. I haven't tested their waterproofness but I think it's impossible to be any worse than the Alpinestars, they were like sponges. The shank broke after a month of woods riding, RM sent me a new pair and the toe came off on those two rides later. I'd gladly go back to beating the buckles shut on my leaky Alpinestars, at least they last close to a year before they're unwearable.

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  • Fox Racing Instinct Boots

    Fox Racing Instinct Boots

    Chris in MI

    Seriously comfortable

    Shifting and gripping the bike in these is great. Very comfortable.

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