Chain Lube from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Chain lube that is designed to lubricate powersports chains.

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  • Pro Honda Chain Lube With Moly

    Pro Honda Chain Lube With Moly

    Garrett in PA

    Pro Honda never dissapoints!

    Great for o-ring chains!

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  • No Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax

    No Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax

    Eddy in WA

    This stuff is different

    I usually run Bel Ray or Maxim chain lube and you get the usual gunky build up and by the end of the day the chain is completely dry on the rollers and a greasy dirty mess on the side plates. The No Toil is more of a wax than an oil, it goes on almost watery but sets up very quickly into a clear thin layer. I sprayed up one of my dirt bike chains that was covered in the old chain lube and dirt, after the first ride most of the old buildup had flung off and after the second application the chain was looking very clean, no build up. The rollers still had a mild sheen to them at the end of the day like they weren't completely dry and the o rings showed signs of still having lubrication on them. I was pretty impressed with the product. I applied the No Toil to my street bike chain with the same outcome, striped all the old build up after a couple applications and the chain appears to stay lubricated after 500 miles. The only thing I did notice is the chain runs louder on the sprockets, IĆ¢??m guessing because the film thickness on the No Toil is thinner, but other than that its great stuff.

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  • Bel-Ray Waterproof Chain Lube

    Bel-Ray Waterproof Chain Lube

    Neal in OR

    Good stuff

    Goes on clear and doesn't attract dirt. Stays on for the whole ride too. Like the generic can. I also use on cables.

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  • Pro Honda Chain Lube With White Graphite

    Pro Honda Chain Lube With White Graphite

    David in SD

    Why use generic when OEM products are affordable?

    Rocky Mountain ATV makes using OEM products practical.

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  • Maxima Chain Guard

    Maxima Chain Guard

    Beau in CA

    Great for the price

    Sticks pretty well and doesn't get the chain dirty

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  • Bel-Ray MC-2 Chain Lube

    Bel-Ray MC-2 Chain Lube

    Jeff in AL

    It works

    It's chain lube. The tiny bottle is really convenient to carry on trips.

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