UTV Roost Deflectors

When you hop into your UTV for a trek across some gnarly terrain, it’s important to make sure that you’re ready for whatever may come your way. By design, UTVs already offer more protection than other powersport vehicles since they come stock with roll cages and seatbelts. But what if you’d like additional personal protection? UTV roost deflectors might be just the thing – especially if you don’t have a windshield on your machine. If you’re traveling along with a couple of buddies ahead of you, a roost deflector can keep you safe from any debris that they might kick up.

We’ve got a large variety of UTV roost deflectors, and we stock the big names you expect to see in this industry: Answer, EVS, Fox, Leatt, MSR, O’Neal, Scott, Six Six One, Thor and many others. While all of them have provided products that fulfill one primary function – chest protection – there are many different styles and designs to choose from. Some are flashy; some are subtle. Some are extensive; others are simple. Some are designed with a variety of additional features. But all of them do the job and do it well. Browse our selection today to see for yourself.

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  • Leatt Brace 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Leatt Brace 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

    Rick in AZ

    Awesome torso protection. Shoulder won't stay on.

    This was exactly what I was looking for in side-rib protection. As others have stated a little warm but that doesn't really bother me even living in Arizona. I would give this 5 starts+ if it wasn't for the almost comical way the shoulders detach from the slightest of things. I've even had them pop off riding along and hitting nothing at all. There I'd be with a group riding single track and then my shoulder cup would suddenly just be flapping in the wind. "Here we go again", pull over, remove helmet to see over neck brace, and hook the plastic piece back into the slot. If I'm lucky a rider behind me will stop and clip it back in for me. I've looked up this problem on the internet and apparently Leatt is aware of the issue and have an update to fix it. I've emailed them with pictures but after 4 days I have yet to get a response so hopefully I'll hear something soon. From the latest product pictures I see, it looks like they have some straps going across now instead of the single clip on top. I hope this in an improvement. I understand mistakes can happen but I cannot see how this shoulder attachment design was ever approved for production. Common Leatt, you can do better.

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  • Leatt Brace 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    Leatt Brace 5.5 Pro Roost Deflector

    Ronald in AZ


    Great protection, pretty comfortable, a little restricted, but you feel protected. I have a muscular build and it adjusts to me really well. It can be a booger getting on and off when used with the neck brace. A 4 star rating on me but I am sure if I wasn't a stocky built guy it's a 5.

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  • Leatt Brace Roost Tee

    Leatt Brace Roost Tee

    Christian in PA

    Perfect for roost ONLY

    This t-shirt is so light i dont even feel it under my jersey. Took me less then 1 lap to get used to it. Blocks even the biggest rocks. Very hot to wear. This will not help you for any wreck. If you fall off your bike when its not even moving dont expect this to help you. Perfect for blocking roost ONLY

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  • Thor Quadrant Roost Deflector

    Thor Quadrant Roost Deflector

    Justin in NC

    Love it

    My 2nd one very well made, tough, nice fit, and a great price.

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  • Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Body Armor

    Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket Body Armor

    Milton in CA

    Kept me unharmed from falls

    I wear this all the time.i can't be getting hurt cuz I have to get back to work..works wonderful

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  • Leatt Brace Fusion 3.0 Vest with Neck Brace

    Leatt Brace Fusion 3.0 Vest with Neck Brace

    Lee in OR

    Almost Perfect

    I've been using this armor for almost a year now and I only have one real complaint. The method Leatt chose to attach the should pads to the body armor is poor. Brushing against trees will make the plastic pin pop out of the triangle that is supposed to hold it and the pad will end up hanging off your wrist. Zip ties will fix this. In minor get offs the clip above the plastic triangle and pin will come off and this is really hard to get back on, not an easy trail side fix. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix this but something needs to be done. Leatt came so close to perfect with this setup but then totally missed with the shoulder pad connections.

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