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2-Stroke Silencers2-Stroke Silencers

Two Stroke Silencers for ATVs

Do you need a new 2-stroke silencer for your ATV? There isn’t an easier or quicker way to beef up your quad’s performance than by bolting on a new silencer. You might even lower the overall weight of your machine in the process!

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we care about providing quality parts at value-driven prices. If you want to see the result, just take a look at what we have available. With brands like FMF or Toomey, you can see that only top-notch silencers are allowed here. But at the same time, you can expect prices that won’t keep you from riding.

To begin, enter your quad’s details to see what we carry that will fit it. We make the process easy by matching up the right parts with your specific machine. At that point, just take a second to view the product description or the customer reviews. We’ve done everything we can to make sure that you find what you want and that you’re happy with the purchase.

Whether you’re looking to replace an out-of-commission silencer or just want a nice upgrade, you’re in the right place. Check out our 2-stroke ATV silencers today!

Latest ATV 2-Stroke Silencers Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • FMF Power Core II Silencer

    FMF Power Core II Silencer

    Jarred in CT

    2001 kdx220

    Great product, fast shipping, great price. Fit fine on my 2001 KDX220 Sounds auesoem not too loud but still has a good sound at idle and good crackle when into it.

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  • Pro Circuit Type 296 Spark Arrestor Silencer

    Pro Circuit Type 296 Spark Arrestor Silencer

    doug in WA

    Would recommend to others, careful on the stamping

    Easy install, great performance and looks. Only has a sticker with USFS approval number, some areas require the number to be impression stamped on the spark arresstor.

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  • FMF Power Core 2.1 Silencer

    FMF Power Core 2.1 Silencer

    MATT in AZ

    NO spark arrestor!!!

    Living in an area where wild fires are common, I needs to have a spark arrestor. I thought it came with one. most pipes always have that option to add or remove the screen.. This has no option It is for track riding only..I was caught riding with out a spark arrestor screen and got a fine. I wish they made an a screen for this pipe I would keep it ..but I"m out $$$ and still have to by a new pipe with a screen..do your research I wish I did.

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  • Pro Circuit Factory Sound 304 Silencer

    Pro Circuit Factory Sound 304 Silencer

    Adam in NH

    Worth every penny

    I’m a research guy and was gonna learn everything to learn before buying my silencer. Was originally looking a the fmf powercore 2, and especially the powerparts version. This caught my eye because it’s 20$ cheaper, and I like the general shape and design better. When I first got it I was astonished by the size and weight, it weight probably 3/5of what the stock Ktm silencer weighs and it is much shorter and smaller diameter. The Ktm and fmf exhausts are an oval, increasing the packing volume while this pc silencer is a circle with less volume. From the first startup it totally changed the sound of my bike. The idle was deeper the tick over on deceleration sounds like a factory race bike. Not overly loud on acceleration but has much more of a crack and sharper sound than the original. It makes the low end pull a little better with no noticeable loss up top. Whole bike feels faster throughout the range because of the sound and feel. Once I’m riding hard on trails it just keeps putting a smile on my face, just hearing the sharp crack of a 2 stroke echoing through the trees. I did have to put some zip ties storing the pipe/silencer junction gasket thing, but those usually leak and I’m surprised mine wasn’t already. At the end of the day, would I put my stock silencer back on? Never. Everything I could have asked for, perfect fit too. Will be getting the platinum 2 pipe this winter too so I start the season off fresh with a perfect combo.

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  • FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    William in WA

    Works good

    Woke the bike up a bit. The installation wasn’t as easy as it has been in the past. Took some tweaking to get it lined up correctly. Overall, great pipe at a good price.

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  • Pro Circuit R-304 Shorty Aluminum Silencer

    Pro Circuit R-304 Shorty Aluminum Silencer

    Burt in NY

    Pro Circuit R-304 Shorty

    Pro Circuit need anyone say more. This product was just what the KX-85 needed. All-around performance has improved, and the sound can’t be beat.

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