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Zac Speed

Latest Zac Speed Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector

    Bryan in NM

    Extremely comfortable and useful.

    I race enduro and guide riders around my area and need to carry stuff. Have used fanny packs and backpacks but this thing is absolutely fantastic. I have a chest protector and a really great pack at the same time. It's super stable, fits snug on my 5' 6" frame and is by far the most comfortable solution I have used. The ability to quickly switch to a vest is a big plus. It has a VERY intelligent design. I love this setup.

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  • Zac Speed Recon S-3 Pack

    Charles in OR

    Great bag, could use minor improvements

    Theres a lot to like about this bag. Durable material, harness shape, comes with bladder from Source hydration (A higher quality Israeli company), great size, highly adjustable and I personally like the color scheme. There are a few areas where I can see improvements though. Id like to see drain holes at the bottom in case the bladder gets punctured. I read other reviews saying the zippers arent great, but thats not my experience, however, it would be nice to see two zipper pulls on each zipper, but there is only one. Id also like to see the main pocket with a full length zip so that it could open up fully like a clamshell design. And I feel the size is perfect for an all day trailride/enduro, it can hold quite a bit. And with that weight bearing capability, I originally thought itd be nice to see a little more elastic material, but Im not sure how well more elastic would function with the added weight. I just bought the Coreflex harness and it works very nicely. All in all, this is a great bag, Im completely satisfied with it and would readily recommend it to anyone who needs the approx. capacity of 15-16L.

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  • Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Recon Pack

    Kurt in PA


    Love it, I purchased larger backpack for my long dual sport rides. But now I wish I got the smaller pack for hardcore dirtbike riding.

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  • Zac Speed Octane Tech Vest

    Sean in NM

    Great gear

    Top quality as always! some of the pockets are kinda weird not sure what the intent was with them, but its really nice to keep your essentials up front where it easily accessible

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  • Zac Speed Tool Roll

    Mark in CA

    ZacSpeed tool pack

    Very durable with great protection from tools jabbing me like some of the thinner tool-packs Ive used. Like everything from ZacSpeed, first class.

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  • Zac Speed Comp 3 Pack

    Joshua in NC

    Customer for LIFE

    Zac Speed quality is up there with Klim and other top brands, except Zac Speed gives you a LIFETIME warranty. That's right. This Comp 3 is lean and perfect for racing. The flex harness is exactly that. It's an elastic chest harness that moves with you. I forget I'm wearing it. The way their cross strap design works, it doesn't move around. Their Configure 8 design allows me to interchange the chest protector, utility belt, flex harness or whatever between my Comp3 & Recon bags. ALSO, the POV harness! AMA rules are a drag but Zac Speed has thought of everything... They are excellent quality, but sometimes, things happen. I had a zipper bust on my Recon pack 2 years after I purchased it. After reaching out to their support for a possible replacement zipper, I sent them the bag. I received a NEW bag in return. My recent Comp3 had a slightly distorted harness when I received it. It seemed like one side of the elastic was "preshrunk" and didn't pull evenly. No worries, I reached out to Zacspeed, sent them a picture with an explanation of my issue, and received a new harness replacement immediately. I don't see myself supporting another company frankly. Designed and made in Australia not China.

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