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  • Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System

    Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2 (Tubeless) Tire System

    LIONEL in CA

    Easy install...Works as advertised.

    Install was well explained and as easy as a normal tire installation. Traction is fantastic and I'm still trying to adjust my riding to compensate for the extra drive. Love it.

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  • Nuetech Tubliss Gen2 (Tubeless) Tire System Replacement Bladder

    Nuetech Tubliss Gen2 (Tubeless) Tire System Replacement Bladder

    DIRTBIKE DAN in Nevada


    The tubliss system is the only way to go. I run really low pressures, and I've never had such great traction, and now I can blast through the jagged rocks of Southern Nevada with no worries of pinch flats. There are 3 small drawbacks, 1. A little more effort in changing tires yourself. 2. You have to check the inner tube tire pressure before each ride along with the normal tire pressure. 3.It is very easy to puncture the inner bladder tube when removing the used tire and you really can't patch them, so you need to buy the new inner bladder tube. For the rocky western states these are worth working around the relatively small drawbacks, and when you do get a flat (which is rare) they are very easy to plug. Definitely a must have for the guy that hates pinch flats and values maximum traction.

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