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  • KTM Rally Footrest Set

    KTM Rally Footrest Set

    Lee in Georgia

    Worthwhile improvement!

    I've been riding my 990 for over two years with the standard pegs and rubber inserts. I'd been told that wider pegs give you more control and I found that to be 100% correct. Whether standing or sitting, the extended pegs give a much more stable platform and they're easy/quick to install. JUST HANG ONTO THE SPRING WHEN CHANGING! Put a rag over it or hold it with pliers, Vise-Grips, etc. Wear safety glasses; it could easily put an eye out! Fortunately when one popped off I did quickly find it about 15' away in my garage. If it had gone another direction into some adjacent woods, I would have needed a metal detector (which I don't have).

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  • KTM Forged Clutch Lever

    KTM Forged Clutch Lever

    Abner in AK

    Looks great!

    These should come stock as they look perfect on these bikes.

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  • KTM Forged Brake Lever

    KTM Forged Brake Lever

    Abner in AK

    Excellent look

    These should come stock as they look perfect on these bikes.

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  • KTM Bar Ends

    KTM Bar Ends

    SCOTT in IN

    looks good works fine

    easy install decent quality works fine

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  • KTM Bar Pad

    KTM Bar Pad

    Eric in MI

    Looks great!

    My bike didn't come with one when i bought it used. Looks great and fit great. Its a stock KTM pad.

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  • KTM Dual Compound Grips

    KTM Dual Compound Grips

    Kephon in IN

    as expected

    good grips

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