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  • Renthal 420 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 420 R-1 Works Chain

    Marc in FL

    name says it all

    you can't go wrong with renthal chain, they last, they look good and they don't let you down

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  • Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket

    Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket

    Stan in GA

    Solid sprocket.

    These things last at least twice as long as completely aluminum sprockets. Keep your chain cleaned an oiled and no problems.

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  • Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Shawn in AB

    Only chain I use!!!

    I’ve been buying these chains forever. They are light and last a good amount of time. And the gold is a nice Touch!

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  • Renthal Front Sprocket

    Renthal Front Sprocket

    Shawn in AB

    Best sprockets ever!!

    Renthal products are high quality and would highly recommend them for replacing oem when worn out!

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  • Renthal Rear Sprocket

    Renthal Rear Sprocket

    Ryan in WI

    Renthal Sprocket

    Have run renthal sprockets for a long time, from 175hp superbikes to dirtbikes. They are extremely light, they were pretty good for aluminum and look great. Sprockets are always a trade off of durability and weight. Usually less rotating mass and less unsprung weight is a good thing! They are a great sprocket with good looks and performance to back it up.

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  • Renthal Chain Lube

    Renthal Chain Lube

    Aaron in NJ

    Good stuff

    So far so good. Had to open hole a little bigger so i didnt gave to squeeze. Stayed wet on chain and did t dry like most chain waxes

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