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  • Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    chuck in CA


    Jake Wilson was having a sale on this stuff so I bought six models of this stuff, I've tried applying this stuff by hand with a sponge with a terrycloth and nothing seems to work my helmet still fogs, I ride year-round so if somebody has a trick up their sleeve I would sure like to know it, lol.

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  • Scott Replacement Lens 83/87/89/Bevo/Recoil

    Scott Replacement Lens 83/87/89/Bevo/Recoil

    Travis in Colorado

    purple chrome for recoil goggles

    Good lense, Rocky Mt. was great as always, but I ordered the "chromed purple" and I am disappointed with how bland they are. Not very purple. Other than weak color great replacement. Will buy just grey next time.

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  • Scott Recoil Xi Pro SnowCross Goggle

    Scott Recoil Xi Pro SnowCross Goggle

    Andrew in UT

    Helps Block Wind!

    I like the small guard that extends slightly below the goggles and covers your nose. It's a must have when riding or snowmobiling in cold weather because it deflects the wind away from your nose and face.

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  • Scott Turbo Flow Replacement Lens, 83/87/89X/No Sweat

    Scott Turbo Flow Replacement Lens, 83/87/89X/No Sweat

    Dave in GA

    Best woods lens...

    If you ride in the tight woods and your googles fog when you are riding like a goon....this lens does not fog up. Been using them for years, even when I am not riding like a goon,they work great.

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  • Scott No-Fog Fan System

    Scott No-Fog Fan System


    Goggle fan

    This is kind of gimicky, but it does work. I wired mine so I could just press on or off the switch zip tyed to my Quick Straps. The constant running otherwise gets annoying. Not a cure all, but helps fight fogging. Toss up if I would buy again.

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  • Scott No Fog Cloth

    Scott No Fog Cloth

    Tabitha in AL


    great stocking stuffer

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