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  • Scott Works Tear-Offs, Recoil/83/87/89X/No Sweat

    Scott Works Tear-Offs, Recoil/83/87/89X/No Sweat

    Jay in WA

    Buy Genuine Scott

    Thicker than the impostor cheap brands. Buy these original.

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  • Scott Recoil Xi Pro Goggle 2015

    Scott Recoil Xi Pro Goggle 2015

    Jay in WA

    Best goggles

    After all these years I like the original Scott 89 frame over any newcomers

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  • Scott Hustle Goggle

    Scott Hustle Goggle

    Casey in MO

    where did the fit system go?

    Been running Scotts for a few years.. Their previous Hustle and Tyrants are sweet.. Just got these 2016 last week.. Um.... they went big time backwards with the face foam, nose cut out in the foam.. Basically the Absorbing pad is chintzy compared to previous models. The nose portion of the foam is way narrow compared to previous years as well. I have a large nose and can hardly breath.. The add says fit system.. well it most defiantly does NOT have the Fit system.. not sure what is up with that... I wasn't to happy and planned to send them back, but my 7 year old loved the color, so he got a new pair of goggles. If that is any indication of the sizing on these.. I plan to make some calls about the goggles them selves. but if you liked the 2014-2015 models like i did. they are not the same.. ???? TECH NOTE: SCOTT TYRANT IS THE ONLY MODEL TO FEATURE THE FIT SYSTEM AS OF 2015.

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  • Scott Recoil Xi Pro Sand/Dust Goggle

    Scott Recoil Xi Pro Sand/Dust Goggle

    Jon in NC

    Scott Recoil Xi Pro Sand/Dust Goggle

    Excellent value, great fit, easy lens changes, lenses work with any Scott 80 or 90 range models.

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  • Scott Tyrant Goggle

    Scott Tyrant Goggle

    Sean in FL

    Scott Goggles

    My youngest wears nothing but Scott goggles. We even had freebies from another major line but the fit and durability of Scotts keeps me spending my hard earned money. (I have raved on Oakley Airbrake in another review for myself but because of fit)

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