Cycra Dual Sport Parts: Handlebar-Control

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  • Cycra Low Profile Enduro Handshields

    Cycra Low Profile Enduro Handshields

    Forrest in PA

    cycra low profile handgaurds kx250F

    no problems installing them . they save the levers & perch from breaking when bike goes down.

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  • Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Justin in KY

    Good product

    Cycra stuff is always great

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  • Cycra Probend Bar Pack

    Cycra Probend Bar Pack

    josh in IN


    Cycra is the ONLY brand to buy. There is a reason almost every ktm guy runs them. Indestructible. Since my son and i have ran them on our 200xc and 250xc, we have slid down cliffs, over rocks, flipped, 360'd, smashed, dropped the bike on concrete... never an injured hand or broken lever. EVER. However, the inserts that come with these are bad, I used others, and this pack doesnt come with the bar clamps. But these are the guards you want.

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  • Cycra Side Triple Clamp Mount Adaptors

    Cycra Side Triple Clamp Mount Adaptors

    Dean in WI

    Mounted Cycra Guards to WR250R-No Problems!

    Perfect fit. They are even labeled left & right. Would be nice if 1/2" longer triple clamp bolts were included but sourced exact flange head match at local hardware store. Start all bolts and bar end expanders loose, THEN tighten everything. NO bending or fighting required. Leaves bars free for gizmo mounts. NO additional bar vibrations felt after mounting. These busters are SOLID now. Hint: Choose the guard kit without external bar clamps to save $ since you won't need them.

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  • Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Darren in CA

    Cycra is Awesome!

    Great hand protection on the trails and great roost guards for the track. Tough product.

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  • Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Keith in PA

    Trees beware!

    Cleanlines, minumal installion time, watch out trees!

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