If you’re in the market for the finest riding gear around, Klim is your choice. No other brand in the industry has such an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in quality and comfort. It’s the ideal option for every dual sport rider. However, even though Klim is primarily recognized in dual sport and adventure touring circles, that doesn’t mean that its versatility can’t offer off-road or street purists premium gear. That’s why you’ll find Klim products across all of our powersport categories: ATV, dirt bike, UTV, motorcycle and (of course) dual sport.

So what makes Klim stand out from other brands so remarkably? It largely has to do with their devotion to what matters to riders. For example, many Klim products feature Gore-Tex® technology, allowing the gear to sport a highly sophisticated waterproof liner. Because of this, you’d be hard-pressed to find a product that better repels rain and still offers a highly breathable membrane.

Aside from supreme quality and comfort, Klim also takes protection very seriously. Many Klim products feature either D3O® or CE armor. Both are respectable options, though if you’re the type that loves advanced technology as part of your gear, you’re going to love D3O. When you’re riding, it stays soft and flexible – you might forget it’s there altogether. But in an impact, the molecular structure stiffens, absorbing the force and distributing it throughout the armor.

This is just the beginning of everything that Klim offers. From one of the most impressive warranties in the industry to smart designs that effectively manage body heat, you simply won’t find a better set of gear. Klim has a solid reputation for well-built gear with reliable construction. Major features that appeal to dual sport or adventure riders include truly effective venting, comfortable built-in armor and integrated pieces of gear.

With a complete product line that covers everything from jackets and pants to boots and goggles, Klim has something for everyone. Pick up a new set of gear from Klim to discover how incredible it is.

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  • Klim Balaclava

    Klim Balaclava

    David in WA

    Nice product

    Works well for keeping the cold wind off your neck. Would buy again

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  • Klim Team Gear Bag

    Klim Team Gear Bag

    Joel in CO

    Awesome product!

    Have tried using multiple gear and duffle bags over the past yet was never fully satisfied until now. Great quality and incredible amount of room for everything. Can carry body armor, neck brace, several pairs of pants and jerseys, etc. Plus boots and helmet all in one bag. Spend the extra money for this bag the first time and be done.

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  • Klim Arctic Balaclava

    Klim Arctic Balaclava

    BRYCE in MN

    warm and comfy

    I bought this to have a heavier alternative to my old under armor balaclava and it is definitely worth the money. It is now my go to head wear now that winter is here. It covers down the neck in front and back so wind does not chill your exposed areas that my other balaclavas leave unprotected. It does a great job blocking wind and keeping the wearer warm. I recommend this to anyone willing to pony up the extra cash because it is worth it.

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  • Klim Savanna Ladies Gloves

    Klim Savanna Ladies Gloves

    DAN in AZ

    purchased for my wife and she loves them

    I purchased a small or extra small for my wife, so far she loves the gloves and has zero complaints and no issues with them at all.

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  • Klim Rubican Beanie

    Klim Rubican Beanie

    Mark in TX

    Very warm...fits well

    Does its job. Probably could have found one for cheaper...Klim stuff has always been pricey. Looks good, fits well and keeps my head and ears warm.

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  • Klim Savanna Ladies Pant

    Klim Savanna Ladies Pant

    Lynda in UT

    Love these pants

    I bought these pants for an adventure ride and wore them all day for 3 days/545 miles in the dirt. They are super comfy and look good too, which is important for those big view vacation pics. These are the most $$ pants I have bought but the quality is above anything I have had before. Things I like about these pants: The leather on the inside lower leg to protect the pant (or me). The slim/hidden pocket on the right leg fits my phone or camera and an energy bar and is easy to pull out for quick pics/snacks at stops. The velcro tabs at the waist to cinch up when riding. The blue/grey color because it is not pink or purple - ha. The thigh leg vents to open and close. The velcro on the back of the calves made the boots easy on/off and snugged up nicely for riding. Fit nicely over my knee guards without pinching my knees while riding. No cargo pockets give the pants a slimmer more feminine profile. There was nothing I didn't like about these pants. I tried the size 4 and size 6 and chose the size 4. I'm 5'2"/110 lbs and like my clothes to fit a bit on the roomy/baggy side. I have a hard time finding pants that fit well and usually shop in the kids riding gear dept so it was great to be able to buy a pair of quality pants that fit properly that didn't make me look like a 13 year old MX racer.

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