If you’re in the market for the finest riding gear around, Klim is your choice. No other brand in the industry has such an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in quality and comfort. It’s the ideal option for every adventure motorcycle rider. However, even though Klim is primarily recognized in dual sport and adventure touring circles, that doesn’t mean that its versatility can’t offer off-road or street purists premium gear. That’s why you’ll find Klim products across all of our powersport categories: dual sport, ATV, dirt bike, UTV and street bike.

With a complete product line that covers everything from jackets and pants to boots and goggles, Klim has something for everyone. Pick up a new set of gear from Klim to discover how incredible it is.

Latest Klim Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Klim Duffel Bag

    Klim Duffel Bag

    Ludwig in UT

    Favorite duffle

    This is my favorite bag, but I am also a Kilim fanatic. So....

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  • Klim Neck Warmer

    Klim Neck Warmer

    Ludwig in UT

    a warm neck is a happy neck

    It's good. It keeps my neck warm. Thank you for looking at this product, and I hope it someday keeps your neck warm as well.

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  • Klim Balaclava

    Klim Balaclava

    KEVIN in OR

    Kim bacalava works great good for riding in Western Oregon

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  • Klim Viper Off-Road Goggle

    Klim Viper Off-Road Goggle

    Christa in TX

    Great Buy

    Just got these... have only a couple good rides with them but so far they don’t fog up, the lenses they sell stand up good to single track face slappers extremely well. So far I’m liking these more than my Airbrakes. They don’t sit on my nose like the Airbrakes did and the field of view seems to be equal.

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  • Klim Viper/Viper Pro Off-Road Goggle Replacement Lens

    Klim Viper/Viper Pro Off-Road Goggle Replacement Lens

    Christa in TX

    Great buy

    Price is great and is very durable. I own Oakley Airbrakes and with cheaper goggles you get distorted vision sometimes, but not with these. Fit well without smashing the top of your nose. Works best with KLIM brand helmet.

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  • Klim Women's Savanna Jersey

    Klim Women's Savanna Jersey

    Kirk in CA

    The feel and comfort is second to none , the fit is...

    Highly recommend Klim products

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